CÔTE-D’OR: Citizenship education awards given to “exemplary youth”

The National Order of Merit initiative prizes were awarded on Friday, June 10 in the prefecture of Côte-d’Or, to volunteer high school students participating in work that helps foster the reflection of citizens.

The prize for civic education is carried by the National Order of Merit, with the participation of National Education in particular. The various differences were presented in the Côte-d’Or prefecture of Dijon on Friday June 10, 2022 in the presence of Renaissance representatives Fadila Khattabi and Didier Martin as well as Franck Lehenoff (PS), deputy mayor of Dijon who oversees education.

After a few words of thanks Saleha Vigreux, who represents the Dijon committee on the National Order of Merit, addressed all the actors and prize partners whose interest is “bringing citizenship to life”, in particular Sciences Po for the organization of the jury, it was Martine Chauney-Bouillot, president of the department of the National Order of Merit, who greeted everyone and these commitments echoed the missions of the Order, which is to “contribute to the influence of French values ​​and culture through, in particular., any educational action in the field of good citizenship and citizenship, especially among young people ”.

“The commitment of young people to the civic spirit of the entire educational community”, is what Catherine Chalaye insisted, for Dasen de Côte-d’Or, who maintains that the work is done on a wide spectrum of questions. of future challenges, of the environment, pollution, misery and poverty, among the topics examined.

“Those who commit never lose, they always win”

“These students set an example.” And for Fabien Sudry, prefect of Côte-d’Or, it is legitimate to welcome them to the prefecture’s gardens for the award ceremony.

“Through this annual event, the prefecture is fulfilling its mission, which is to welcome the citizens, all of whom in our country have chosen to participate because they understand that, in a Republic, a democracy, There is , of course, the institutions, but what. count is the commitment of the citizens. They are the key. Those who commit will never be defeated, they will always win “, he stated, thanking” the role of the school which is also training of independent, responsible citizens, who will be called to carry the torch of the Republic we serve and who I hope, facing the challenges of our wider world, will be able to face the challenges of preserving what brings us together: freedom, equality and fraternity ”.

Roméo Alipio received the first individual prize for his one-page comic strip related to the presidential election, “to fight against abstention”. By illustrating the return to the creation of universal suffrage in 1962, he wanted to “return to the various levels of the vote to date” while questioning the rationale of abstentionist propensity.

“I see it as a kind of greed. The vote is the basis of our Republic. It’s one of those times when you have a chance to express yourself and you have to use it, ”he told us before going to enjoy his prize around the glass of friendship.

Alix Berthier
Photos: Alix Berthier

Students and establishments are provided with:

1st individual prize
Roméo Alipio – Lycée Saint -Bénigne, for working in the presidential election

1st collective prize
-Desiré Nisard high school in Châtillon-sur-Seine
Camille Poisot
Charlie Dufour
Mathis Braz

2nd prize ex-aequo
– high school in Saint-Benigne in Dijon
Jeremy Paris

2nd prize ex-aequo
– Lycée Charles de Gaulle in Dijon, for a Climate Fresco project
Albane Bozorg-Grayeli
Clemence Lacomme

Special Discussion

– Dijon Métropole Trades School
Marion Allegre
Coralie Aubin

– Simone Weil high school in Dijon
Oceane is good
Lola Bourdeaux
Zoe Fouquin
Zoe Ilbert

Present a certificate of participation

– Lycée Carnot in Dijon for civic and solidarity actions by second -year students that have benefited the entire educational community.
– Lycée des Marcs d’Or in Dijon, for a day to meet others organized by students of the second and first year.
– Lycée Antoine in Chenôve, for the “A little for us, a lot for them” project for second and first year students, with Restos du Coeur.

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