Big promotion of Thrustmaster T248 pedal and gear lever assembly for PlayStation and PC

Do you want to discover the joy of car simulation ? If you are a fan of uncleanon F1 o sa Great Tourismdriving feelings with a flying and one crankset radically more immersive than a simple controller. And if we tell you that for the price of these two accessories, the gear lever offered? the Thrustmaster T248, PC and PS5 compatiblenow sold at TH8A Shifter included at no additional cost. An attractive promo we saw at Boulanger.

Boulanger promotion: gear lever offered for purchase of steering wheel and pedal pack

To be more precise, we are talking here about Thrustmaster T248 : a package that includes a steering wheel and a set of pedals, with balanced performance, is considered an excellent way to enter the world of car simulation. It is priced at € 349.99.

Until June 19, if you put this thing in your cart, Baker automatically adds it – and 100% free – ang Thrustmaster TH8A shifter, which completes everything for a ready-to-use setup. Sold alone, this accessory costs € 179.99. A very nice gift, therefore!

So our recap:

  • Typical price for simultaneous purchase of T248 and TH8A: € 529.98
  • Price after discount in the basket: € 349.99 (ie -34%).


Thrustmaster T248 + TH8A set: complete automotive simulation on PC, PS4 and PS5

the Thrustmaster T248 for a mid-range steering wheel and pedal set. He than ideal for beginners or for players who want to equip themselves to enjoy more sensations at a reasonable price.

Its first asset: official PlayStation compatibility. You can connect this model to your PS4 or PS5 console, and drive all your car games on the wheel, and no longer on the controller. The whole clearly remains PC-compatiblefor those of you who prefer computer gaming.

With 28 centimeters in diameter, the steering wheel itself is in good manufacture : a mixture of durable plastic for the structure and foamed skin for the perimeter. the nice handlingthe hands stick tightly to the steering wheel and the driving feel is realistic.

On the front, there are official PlayStation buttons that ensure full compatibility with your games, as well as a control screen allowing you to check various settings and information during the game.

Thrusmaster T240 crankset


At the bottom of the bracket, here we are three pedals including one dedicated to braking. This is can be configured with multiple levels of inclination and pressureto suit your intensity preference.

From this point of view, the steering wheel also includes a mechanism for force feedback, which is very satisfying and immersive for a model at this price. Again, you can switch three levels of resistance from strong-feedbackfor more or less severe feelings.

And what about the famous gear lever that Boulanger offers? Entirely made of metal, the TH8A The Thrustmaster, like the T248, is equipped with proprietary HallEffect AccuRate Technology (HEART), more efficient and more durable than a potentiometer, which allows very high accuracy and an exceptionally long product life.

For anyone who wants to try their hand at driving, the Thrustmaster T248 is an excellent choice overall, combining rude design, good performance and cheap price. By adding a TH8A gear lever free of charge, Boulanger offers An unmatched amount of money, and therefore inevitable. For about 350 €, you have all the necessary equipment to hit the road (video game) in excellent condition.


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