Upon closing Internet Explorer, Microsoft ended a digital symbol

“We announce that the future of Internet Explorer in Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge.” With these words Microsoft announced on May 19, 2021 the end of the historic browser. An announcement became a reality on June 15, 2022 because technical support for Internet Explorer was removed under Windows 10. By August 2021, Microsoft 365 had stopped supporting the browser, which the company was slowly abandoning.

However, a few remaining Internet Explorer users can be reassured: Edge, another Microsoft browser launched in 2015, will take over. “Microsoft Edge has a built-in Internet Explorer mode”, assured the American firm on its blog at the time of announcing the browser verdict. An adaptation required by structuring multiple business software and applications: “Many organizations have a surprisingly high number of old technology websites”explained Microsoft at the time, counting “on average 1,678 legacy apps” In businesses.

These sites and applications may continue to work on the Edge via Internet Explorer mode until 2029, according to Microsoft. “Beware, the Edge customization mode can’t solve all the problems”, however, warns Éric Le Bourlout, editor-in-chief of the 01net site, a site that specializes in the digital world. Some elements like the JavaScript language or the Silverlight plug-in, for example, are concerned, he said.

“It’s a page turn. It’s one of the busiest episodes on the web”analyzes digital journalist Jérôme Colombain, comparing it to shutting down some of Microsoft’s flagship programs, such as Windows 98. “This is the end of an era and one of the symbols of the internet explosion”testified Benjamin Vincent, journalist specializing in new technologies and author of franceinfo’s New World column.

But if June 15 is the official day to close Internet Explorer, “it hasn’t changed much because the browser is no longer used and has been replaced by Edge”, lined up with Jérôme Colombain, who is also the producer of the Digital World podcast. In fact, if we look at the numbers offered by the Statcounter site, in April 2022 only 0.39% of web entries were made from Internet Explorer against 64.34% for Chrome, the browser giant Google. . “Not a single lambda Internet user is still using Internet Explorer because today’s web is no longer really compatible with these technologies”, described by Éric Le Bourlout. According to the reporter, only “targeted devices” some software or applications may cause Internet users to continue to open Internet Explorer.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

It has to be said that the browser and its creator, Microsoft, are slowly preventing users from using it. “Microsoft abandoned it long ago”said Eric Le Bourlout. “It’s technically outdated and security savvy because it’s no longer updated.” He said, “Microsoft has failed to keep up with technological advances and settled on at the very least, completely missing some major milestones on the web”. Same observation on Benjamin Vincent’s side, pointing to the failed smartphone turn.

“The launch of the iPhone and then smartphones will coincide with the decline of Internet Explorer. It reminds me of the mistake made by record companies that didn’t see the advent of MP3 coming.”

Benjamin Vincent, journalist who specializes in new technologies

in franceinfo

Thus Microsoft abandoned itself and “Long time before you react to all this”, mourns Éric Le Bourlout. And so don’t skimp on 2015, once the observation is made: exit Internet Explorer, hello Edge. Since its launch, the new browser has been intended to replace its predecessor to launch new bases. But it’s struggling for a chance to convince, with only 4.05% of users in April 2022. It’s the official end of Internet Explorer though. “a failure” for Eric Le Bourlout. Benjamin Vincent confirms: “Microsoft has lost the opportunity to continue to lead.”

If Internet Explorer has been relegated to the bottom of the drawers for so many years, why does its end seem so symbolic? “This is an example of Microsoft’s dominance over the Internetanalyzed by Jérôme Colombain. They dominate. ” And for good reason: after abandoning the Internet due to a lack of conviction about its interest, Bill Gates allowed his company to make a daunting entry into the field with the launch of Internet Explorer in 1995.

“The standard is Internet Explorer. It’s the all -purpose thing that’s developed and works everywhere.”

Jérôme Colombain, journalist and producer of the “Digital World” podcast

in franceinfo

It is also necessary when installing the Windows suite, Microsoft forces users to choose their browser. The practice also has corporate legal processes in the United States and fines in Europe for anti-competitive practice. But the result is here: “At its peak, in 2004, it grew to 95% market share”thus emphasize The sounds. In January 2009, the browser still accumulated 64.97% of net entries where Google Chrome, the current leader, posted only 1.37%.

All of this has helped make Internet Explorer an internet myth. “The connection between generational and affective”said Jérôme Colombain. “A lot of people discovered the web with him”, very much Éric Le Bourlout. For Benjamin Vincent, the navigator “there’s a little bit of Proust’s madeleine! People over 25 have to surf at some point thanks to Internet Explorer. We’ve turned the page with a logo and a name that accompanies us too. in twenty years. “

The symbol is that some use the browser name to make fun of it. Thus, the Twitter account @intrnetexp is entertained by relying on current events to carry old information. “It’s an icon! Everyone knows Internet Explorer, even those with little digital knowledge”, assures the creator of the parody account. What was initially just a joke between friends quickly saw the name of the Microsoft browser imposed itself:

“It’s still a classic Internet meme: it’s obsolete, it’s useless, it reminds us of old CDI college computers where it was just the browser … It turned out to be ridiculous because it’s heavily optimized! ”

The creator of the Twitter account @intrnetexp

in franceinfo

For those nostalgic of the Internet Explorer era, the account creator promises “to mark the hit”. But it is not known what will happen to the account: “Either we stop there, and it could be a very interesting ending, or we use this news to carry on. However, the Internet Explorer jokes will continue for people who know and the browser can therefore to go on living in spite of everything. ”

Requested, the Microsoft company did not respond to our interview requests.

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