star farmer shows up at his bachelorette party

Lucile and Jérôme became one of the most beautiful couples Love is in the pasture. In fact, if the couples formed in the M6 ​​program were the result of true love at first sight, the public would only appreciate them more than others. However, our lovebirds tried to deny the obvious at first. But when they looked at each other it was clear to everyone that they were in love in front of the M6 ​​cameras. And the public sentiment was therefore quickly confirmed. Today, Lucile and Jérôme are more in love than ever. Fortunately, they have already become Capucine’s parents and they are getting ready to get married soon! What more could you ask for as a promise of commitment and love?

Clearly, Objeko don’t talk to you about Lucile and Jérôme to question the foundation of this strong relationship. Instead, let us tell you what we know about Capucine’s mother’s weekend festival. A weekend meant to celebrate his last nights before getting married, his bachelor party girl. For the farmer Love is in the pasture is on the guest list!

Lucile celebrated her EVJF with dignity

As shown by our colleagues from the magazine audience, Lucile knows how to party before since celebrating her bachelorette party. Traditionally, the future bride has to blindly follow the plans of some of her relatives who create many surprises for her. And most of all, she has to agree to leave her future husband at home to enjoy her last “single” vacation. A concept that will undoubtedly make the hairs of the most jealous of our readers stand out. So let’s remember for those, Lucile and Jérôme love each other and not by separating them for a week will everything change.

That said, it can never escape our readers that Capucine’s mother was not the only one with her friends at the event. In fact, a man is on the guest list. In addition, someone also participated in season 15 of love is in pre ! Was he planning to steal Lucile’s heart while she was away from home? Of course not! Objeko will not offend you by making the suspense last until the end of this article. Specifically because if you are a fan of Lucile and Jérôme or other couples from Love is in the pastureyou’ve probably already seen who it is on social networks.

Stopping the suspense therefore, the famous Mathieu is in the game! She was also, along with Alexandre, part of one of the most beautiful couples of the 15th season Love is in the pasture. And unlike Lucile and Jérôme, Mathieu and Alexandre got married first before trying to start a family.

A party to talk about!

On social networks Lucile and Jérôme are even more cautious about this weekend’s festival, Objeko do not hide it from you. And for good reason, it may be a surprise that the friends of the future bride are preparing for her. Fortunately, thanks for stories in Mathieu, so the public can learn more. And in the columns of our colleagues from the magazine audienceit is possible to find some clear details.

“I was at the airport in Montpellier, without my husband, because I was going to Lucile’s bachelor party. abi nakog sabog ta, wa ko kaagwanta ana! “, he said a few hours before the festival started. Then, he revealed pictures of Lucile wearing a Miss scarf where it is possible to read “Soon the bride”. Mathieu did not hide his enthusiasm for finding his friend for the event. Nor will he be with her.


And he didn’t save his energy because he also shared a beautiful laugh with his subscribers. Proof that everyone enjoyed this colorful weekend.

Finally, the final proof of Lucile’s successful EVJF festivities, Mathieu’s black circles mention a necessary change in the face of his story on May 23. In fact, he didn’t miss one to congratulate his couple of friends and make his subscribers laugh.


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