Crédit Agricole du Maroc is rethinking the farmer relationship

A partner in the history of agriculture and the rural world, Crédit Agricole du Maroc is innovating by launching a new system that now allows the farmer to have two separate and invisible accounts. : a professional account “Hssab Al Ard” involved in his farming and his professional activity and another personal account “Hssab Dar” to manage his personal and family needs.

While in the history of the rural world and in the absence of a legal structuring of their professional activities, farmers have always mixed personal and professional expenses, the Crédit Agricole du Maroc now provides farmers farmers with an unprecedented solution with the possibility to benefit from ‘a difference between their personal needs, income and expenditure as private clients and their income and expenditure related to their professional activities as does the urban world.

This new approach, which is part of the support and collaboration with the establishment of the National Register of Agriculture (RNA) and the program for the generalization of social security for the benefit of farmers.

Therefore, this approach, which conceptualizes the dual banking relationship for farmers to support them in their professional activities and in their private activities, is based on the establishment of ANN to ensure specific and separate financing management supported by the professional. farmer’s account while offering him to open a free personal account to cover all his personal and family needs.

This new approach allows the farmer to have access to his personal funds with complete peace of mind to meet the needs of his family in the event of professional difficulties related to his farm.

Hssab Al Ard, the dedicated account to manage business needs

Thanks to the recognition of the unique amount provided within the framework of the implementation of the National Agricultural Register, the farmer can benefit from an existing account that allows, the operation of the credit account, the issuance of credits, the receipts of operations. , FDA subsidies, other financial incentives from the State, compensation from MAMDA insurance products (Multi-risk Climate Insurance, Arboriculture Insurance and Livestock Mortality Insurance, etc.). This account will be debited with various operating expenses, irrigation water payments, debt repayments and AMO contributions to the CNSS.

This professional account will act like the business account according to the price applied for the various operations.

Hssab Dar, a free personal account to manage personal needs

Recognized by the CNIE number, the farmer may have a checking account that allows him to manage his personal and family income and expenses and treat as credit operations his savings, his retirement income, various -other transfers for his benefit. , off – farm receipts. The debit will include personal expenses, personal debt payments (non-operating), subscriptions to optional bancassurance products (savings, retirement, health, etc.).
Hssab Dar is a personal account offered by the bank and for which no account maintenance fee is payable.

A multi-channel offer for easier opening of personal account for the farmer wherever he is
In addition to the Physical Agency and Mobile Agency channel, Crédit Agricole du Maroc democratizes access to digitalization and offers the possibility to the farmer through the “Hssab-e” mobile application to benefit from the digital offer dedicated to this method.

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