Bitcoin for Everyone – Jay -Z and Jack Dorsey Launch Cryptocurrency Education Program

A crypto school in a poor neighborhoodeducate, explain, give everyone a way to understand the world to change it. it values still present. And they found a particular resonance EUnited States where part of the population is on the margins of society. Bitcoin there would have been a way torelease ? This is the daring bet of the two big names in the ecosystem: Jack Dorsey and Jay Z. New York will be the laboratory for this project. All the explanations are here!

“The Bitcoin Academy”: two big names serving a good cause

Businessman and computer scientist, Jack Dorsey is the founder of the social network Twitter. Now on the sidelines of his first creation, so he dedicated himself to his new company, Block – formerly Square. This company is dedicated to improving payment systems and especially to Bitcoin. Plus, Jack Dorsey is a passionate defender.

Also, we will see in this project Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. Rapper and successful entrepreneur, he is an important personality in American show business. It’s spinning around cryptocurrencies through various projects. The two men are so recently reunited with theirs great to launch a program original. L ‘cryptocurrency education for the inhabitants of Poor neighborhood from New York.

And it’s at Marcy Houses brooklyn -Jay-Z’s childhood neighborhood-that’s the operation The Bitcoin Academy ilusad. Starting this summer, all residents of the sector will be able to attend free of Bitcoin and finance courses and training. To understand and LEARN are the educational purposes of this program like no other.

Bitcoin Academy will open its doors in New York this summer – Source: Twitter

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Bitcoin and cryptos as a means of liberation

the online course offered from June 22 to September 7 for all the residents of Marcy Houses – and only for them at first. In those face-to-face course so organize twice a week with food served in the evening after the session. In those beginnings for children and donations of materials will also be part of the program. The fellow teachers on the project are Lamar Wilson – founder of Black Bitcoin Billionaire media – and Najah J.Roberts – founder of the Crypto Blockchain Plug project.

These two personalities are closely linked toeducation in bitcoin and blockchain. And this, especially in populations drawback in the USA. Of course, the project has a strong dimension community in a country where African Americans continue to struggle against various forms of discrimination.

It was all funded by the personal funds of Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z through his Shawn Carter foundation. In fact, said later in a series of tweets “ that it’s not just about bitcoin but about long -term thinking, local economy and self -confidence “. He added that” Bitcoin has become an important tool for many people in Africa, Central and South America and we believe the same potential exists within some communities in the United States. »

The project bitcoin academy echoes an initiative to liberate through new technologies. As activists try to convince members of the U.S. Congress in relation to Bitcoin in help ukrainiansit can also serve as a vector ofrelease for the poor population of the country!

Bitcoin as a tool for the release of the poorest! And you, what are you doing to prepare for the future? Begin to familiarize yourself with this exciting world. So don’t wait for you anymore create a Binance accountthe main Bitcoin and crypto exchange (associated link).

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