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updated Thursday, June 9, 2022

This is definitely the most frequent question but also the most forbidden by a couple, however we still want to know the answer! We tell you all about the ideal frequency…


At the beginning of a romantic relationship, the couple’s libido is at its maximum because the partners discover each other and are more sensitive to each stimulus. Sociologist Michel Bozon has shown that if there is continued sexual activity in the first two years (thirteen intercourse per month), stabilization occurs around nine months of intercourse from the couple’s five years of seniority. But once the couple is installed can the frequency of reports be changed?

3 to 4 reports per week, is that good?

A 2004 study showed that the more couples who had sex, the more satisfied they were. These results were confirmed in another study from 2013 by three American researchers. Based on several surveys, they concluded that 3 to 4 reports per week for a childless couple can provide a good level of satisfaction between the couple.

Review of previous studies

A report per week may be more achievable for a couple, it’s also the most common frequency! According to the British National Survey of Sexual Behaviors and Lifestyles, most couples have about 5 reports per month. A second study conducted in the United States of 2400 couples confirmed that satisfaction levels increase from one sexual relationship per week. The American magazine Time announced a study conducted in the publication Social Psychological and Personality Science. This shows that one report per week is enough for the couple’s happiness. Data collected from 30,000 Americans on 3 different projects over over 40 years proves that having sex more than once a week doesn’t have to make you happy. The study is similar to this result by the revelation of Nobel Prize winners in economics Danniel Kahnemann and Angus Deaton: beyond earning $ 75,000 a year, money does not contribute more to happiness. In other words, quantity doesn’t have to be the same quality!

Go at your own pace

This is probably the best decision to make. Sex life depends on many factors that are close to the couple: health, length of relationship, natural libido, stress and family status can influence sexual desire. The couple should follow their desires and choose their frequency to fully enjoy the joy and satisfaction it provides.

Complexity: an important factor in happiness

A survey on the British site Gransnet showed that people aged between 51 and 58 are happiest without sex! The level of satisfaction is usually when the two partners agree to stop having sex. An American study emphasizes that what influences couple happiness is the complexity of the couples rather than their sexual relationship.

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