This week, two dogs and two cats will be adopted at the SPA de l’Eure

Each week, discover four residents of the shelter of the Ebroïcienne association for the protection of animals. They introduce themselves to trying to find a new family.


“Welcome to my future family (I hope so with all my heart!). Me, the handsome Eli and I have been less than two years! I have a little character and that’s all that makes me beautiful! You will never bore me and I will be able to show you my warm gratitude and my absolute goodness! My energy is useless. So incarceration was a source of trouble for me. Most of all, I love my volunteers who give me wonderful moments of joy because, for me, human contact is my passion: I never hesitate before taking refuge in their arms to receive my dose of hugs and love! I’m said to be adorable (no false modesty of course!) But I prefer interacting with people than my peers I don’t recognize most of the time, which produces some frustrations and misunderstandings. So if my character and my beautiful face discourage you, stop thinking and hurry up and open the door to my box! »

Billy Jo

“Hi you, yes, really, I’m handsome. I’m Billy Joe. Yes, I have an American first name that everyone loves. At almost eight years old, I’m still the king of stunts! When my volunteers came to pick me up, I was all happy, I made them so happy that they would have a hard time tying me up. I am a dynamic dog that needs exercise but I know how to be gentle and cuddly when someone agrees to give it to me. In my future home, I will need tall fences and a well -enclosed yard. And in my wildest dreams, a good swimming pool or walking near the waters because, how can I tell you, I am a swimming fanatic: jumping into the pools that can be used as shelter when the temperature in Normandy rises , this is my hobby! I’m like Florent Manaudou at SPAE and can make a lot of two -legged friends laugh! »


“Hello my dear readers! I am the bellissima Shelby! Despite my shyness, boredom drives me more and more to point the tip of my mustache at the sight of even the slightest biped wanting to take care of me! I am a cute kitten who needs to be surrounded to gain confidence. I have to understand you: I’m only 1 year old. As they did I was a bit curious as to who put in so much effort and progress! I even receive gentle caresses with joy, but my mothers at heart say that only family life can grow and show my true potential for tenderness! Imprisonment worried me and I remained depressed behind my gates. Me, I need arms and warmth. Just felt loved to show you all my thanks in return! So if you’re the family that wants to give me this opportunity, don’t hesitate to come and open my prison and fill me with love! I am waiting for you and my heart will instead open all its doors to you! »


“Little meow from me, my dear admirers! I turn out to be Mitchou! Only one can shake your heart. I am two years old. I am a wonderful pearl in my own way thanks to my calm, serene manners, and endowed with so much more! I hope to be your crush so that I can easily live the best life by your side.I love to be hugged and cared for.

I arrived at the shelter with a lipoma in one ear but no worries. It’s a simple ball of fat. The residence is now in charge of my surgery and I am so cute that I took my medication without complaining! So, if after reading these few lines you fall for my beauty character, I hope to meet you soon to be happy and share the rest of our lives! »

Two hundred dogs and cats are waiting for a dedicated owner at the Évreux Animal Protection Society. It can be adopted in return for the amount that covers veterinary costs. The dog is amputated, vaccinated and neutered: 190 €; cut, vaccinated and sterilized female dog: € 260; neutered, vaccinated and amputated cats: € 110; sterilized, vaccinated and slaughtered cats: € 160. Arrangements are possible if there is adoption of older dogs and cats. Bring ID and new proof of address.

Refuge de la Censurière: 17, rue de Huest, sa Évreux. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 2 pm to 4:30 pm Tel. 02 32 39 07 17.

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