Stéphane reveals the real reason for their breakup

On Tuesday, June 7, a candidate for the 16th season of “Love is in the meadow” invited her Instagram subscribers to ask her how happy she would be to answer frankly. This candidate is Stéphane, Nathalie’s suitor. Their relationship, which would have started at the end of the show, finally didn’t exist. Determined to exchange with his admirers in all sincerity, Stéphane agreed to reveal the reason for his separation from Nathalie.

In the M6 ​​program presented by Karine Le Marchand, some of the candidates marked the audience. This is exactly the case with Nathalie, a farmer with a strong temperament. Her penchant for the color pink and her frankness have attracted the attention of Internet users. But what affected them the most was his very painful sentimental background. However, Nathalie could not find a mate for her Stéphane, one of her lovers. A few days later, the latter was asked about the couple’s relationship they could start during the “Love is in the meadow” program. Today at Objeko, we reveal Stéphane’s confessions about the failure of this relationship.

Nathalie, an emblematic candidate for the sixteenth season of “Love is in the meadow”

Remember this candidate from the sixteenth season of “Love is in the Pasture”: he’s been talked about a lot. Nathalie, a cowboy, caught the attention of the audience through her portrait. In fact, this nature lover suffers from domestic violence. With her ex-boyfriend, she spent 18 years of her life. Fortunately, Nathalie left this man to find herself alone with her children in a mobile home.

Mother of three small children, she works like crazy to give them a decent life. “I was always beaten. I was so young, I didn’t realize it ” she confessed her picture for “Love is in the meadow”. He then explained: “I loved him, then I took the animal’s hair and it stopped. I didn’t want to leave my cows, so I told him we would split up on the farm. I priced 23 acres out of the 90 we had. 15 cows, eight calves and two mobile homes, three children, the Restos du Coeur… all ”. During her story, Nathalie did not hide her emotion, thus touching the hearts of the audience.

Many of them allowed themselves to be attracted to the farmer. But he had only two choices: Stéphane and Bruno. As provided by the program “Love is in the meadow”, the two suitors arrived to spend a few days with Nathalie. This cohabitation was not the most peaceful because the two men were quickly destabilized by the strong nature of the calves.

A candidate who didn’t find love in Karine Le Marchand’s show

About her personality and her frankness, Karine Le Marchand warns the farmer. The facilitator didn’t hesitate to push her to invite her to work on her small mistakes that seemed to represent a brake on a possible start to a relationship. “You have to take a friendliness course. You are smart to speak. You really have to do it, you’re not friendly. We can’t say everything, we are not 5 years old ”.

Unfortunately, Nathalie remains single from “Love is in the meadow”. And to the delight of fans of the show, Stéphane, one of his suitors, said a little more about his relationship with the calf breeder. This information, he disclosed on his Instagram account as part of the question and answer session. So one of her subscribers asked her what might have happened to Nathalie. Respondent replied: “It took a long time to explain, but simply put, we weren’t made to be together.” Along with this brief explanation, Stéphane chose two emojis: one funny and one flashing. It is up to everyone to interpret these small drawings as they see fit.

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