Some lessons to learn from Love Actually

Love Actually isn’t just a very good romantic comedy celebrating its tenth anniversary today: it’s also a film full of life lessons. (Warning: this article is full of spoilers).

Today is his birthday Love Really ! Richard Curtis ’cult romantic comedy is exactly ten years old, since it was released in French theaters on December 3, 2013, and I admit I would have missed this event around my favorite Christmas movie if it hadn’t been I can see the information on love movies this morning.

Now that I know, there is no question for me to miss a golden opportunity to talk again about this silly-but-awful cinema monument. Why don’t we take the opportunity to list some of the life lessons the film teaches us, well, while we’re at it?

So on the other hand, be careful, spoiler alert : Chasing your loved one to an airport once your important other has gone through security is a bad idea. It’s romantic on paper but it’s not very effective. (except of course if your goal is to face you on the ground in front of all the police and end your day, or even your week, behind bars).

Oh, and while I’m at it, talking about spoilers: that those who have not seen the film will hurry to it, and read the article afterwards. It is detrimental to all entertainment.

Friends before reu-sta (in some cases)

One of the relationships promoted by Love Really, this is what binds Billy Mack and his manager. As you may recall, when he was number one in sales with his Christmas hit and Elton John suddenly wanted to invite him to his party, the rocker in return preferred to go home to spend the holidays with his friend drinking and watching pornography. One of the most touching (and funny) scenes in the world follows: these two mumblings hugging each other with tears in the corners of their eyes.

The first time I saw it Love Really, I never understood the full intensity of this moment. I’m fourteen years old and I think this guy is too stupid not to associate with an international star like Elton John, to roam the unknown cannons and drink champagne for free. And he, however, wanted to have fun on a sofa with his girlfriend wearing a dirty t-shirt. BUT WHY?

Ten years ago, the reason was clear: in the midst of a quiet Christmas night with friends I knew by heart and a meal with an artist internationally recognized for his talent and for her diva side, no photo, I took the first one. For meeting people full of talent, OKAY, but meeting people who will definitely talk about it like crazy, thank you but no thank you. I’m a thousand run penguins, not knowing where to sit or what to say for fear of offending everyone.

Make yourself perfect on Christmas Eve with your loved ones or bring tweezers to strangers … Billy, you are so accurate. Sorry for questioning your common sense.

Diversify your gifts, damn it!

Love Reallyit’s not just wonderful friendship and love: it’s also a story of adultery that hurts the stomach. Karen (perfect, perfect Emma Thompson) finds out that her husband Harry (perfect, perfect Alan Rickman) cheated on her with his secretary when she realizes that the necklace she was thinking of giving her for at Christmas is not for him. She was happy, Karen, because her boyfriend had always given her a scarf for many years. Scarf! Every year! I’d like to believe it’s practical but hey, let’s say, it’s the same.

Above all, it’s sad to understand that Harry never tried to come up with original gift ideas for his wife. For me, that’s 1000 degrees what’s best, in most cases, to avoid forming a relationship. In fact it is proof of thatHarry, he had been believing how he felt about his wife for some time.. To me this scarf symbolizes the vicious circle where some couples may fall after a few years.

It starts with the same gift every year so as not to be overwhelmed, and then one has a feeling of being neglected so she starts to no longer push for her husband who ends up barking his cock for another (instead of femininity and the masculine of the gender of your choice, of course).

perfect couple making kidsAnd then more HERE ARE THE SCARVES WHAT.

Ever since I saw it Love Really, I promise myself, I swear to myself that I will take time to find the perfect (but not really expensive) gift for my guy. I was so scared that he would one day understand “I miss you but I will offer you for form” by unpacking his traditional SpongeBob boxer shorts.

The evacuation is cute

In the film, Natalie (Martine McCutcheon) is hired at 10 Downing Street to bring tea to the new prime minister played by Hugh Grant. And he was so stressed during presentations with his new boss that he continued the insults in his thin little voice.

I was always vulgar. No matter how I control myself, it’s impossible for me, if I’m too worried, I don’t want to punctuate each of my sentences with “bite”, “shit” or “chaos”. And what this scene says (or rather, what I want to understand when I see it) is that it is not the nature of the word that matters, the purpose for which you set it. And a “damn” can be more cute than an “I love you as much as fries” as long as it’s from the heart.

porn parodyDid you know? There is a pornographic parody of Love Really based on the octopus, and he was inspired by this sight. Unless I’m the one to do it.

Selfishness is sometimes important

At the age of fourteen, I was full of principles: I told myself there was no question for me to put a man before my family or my friends, even at coffee time. At the time, it had to be said, no one wanted to put their tongue in my mouth, so I didn’t have to base myself on concrete, you see.

And then looking Love Really, I understand that sometimes you have to do this in every case. I get this idea by seeing Sarah (Laura Linney) who, as she is about to end her partner (Rodrigo Santoro) whom she has secretly loved for many years, leaves to join her brother in his psychiatric hospital. .

He knew it wouldn’t heal him. She knew that, by doing so, she was ruining all her chances of someone who could have been her boyfriend. But he kept going, for he could not help but put his own happiness after his brother. And moreover, his brother, he put a trumpet over him. Hello good evening.

He’s a good guy, Karl, and if he doesn’t call her, it’s not because he’s angry that he didn’t penetrate. He just understood that in his whole life he was second to his step-brother and that he wanted to feel important. Besides, she was just like Sarah’s heart when she greeted Merry Christmas on New Year’s Eve, I’m sure. Still, I want to believe it.

And I want to believe that if they still existed, they would have been happy and made a lot of little kids with black skin and bright eyes after the clapping at the end.

dramaLand moments of drama.

So thank you Sarah, for choosing to go and see your brother for the twentieth time this week, thus ruining all your moments with Karl: your mistake has been very useful in educating the entire generation. of well -chosen selfishness destined for the life of this little one. .

Nothing makes you happier than listening to Beach Boys

When I have a deathblow blues, I think back to the last scene Love Really -that at the airport, when everyone can find the person they love.

This scene, which led me to discover the Beach Boys ten years ago, allowed me to find the most comforting thing in the world: to launch a random album by the Californian group when my skin shiny, moral at the level of my toenails with flaking. varnish and that there is no cooler to eat at home. And it’s immediately better, it’s borderline magic.

Like this whole movie.

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