My dog ​​is so big, is it serious, doctor? 

Fat dogs suffer from the same pathologies as humans: be careful! © Shutterstock

Fat, my dog? “Every day I see, my patients are getting fatter. » Dr Eric Groslambert is a veterinarian in Grenoble, and on the front line observing a problem that continues to grow. 30% of dogs in France today become obese or obese.

Who is responsible for this disturbing waist rise in our doggies? Food, first of all. It could be because it’s too much, or because it’s not good quality. Lack of physical activity, then. Like humans, obesity can reduce a dog’s appetite for movement. She is less motivated to walk, because gaining more weight is less pleasing to her. “The bigger he is, the less he exercises. The less he exercises, the less energy he burns, the more fat he gets. It’s a real vicious circle. ”Dr. cried. Groslambert. “Let’s not forget another cause of overweight: sterilization. Removal of the ovaries or testicles lowers the basal metabolic rate. The animal expends less energy, which leads to weight gain. »

Dog life: extra pounds and complications

“For humans, obesity in dogs increases the risk of complications, such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, because the joints are sore, or heart fatigue.» A fat dog will usually live less than its congeners who are at their ideal weight.

Fortunately, extra pounds are inevitable. But before preparing a weight loss plan, you need to make the diagnosis. In some overweight dogs, obesity is obvious. But if you doubt if your pet is overweight, feel its ribs. If you feel them, without coercion, RAS, all is well. If not, then he is probably overweight.

The cure: eat less (and better)…

To lose weight, the equation is simple: his calorie expenditure must be higher than his entries, which is to say how much he can absorb in his diet. The idea is obviously not to starve your dog, but to create a slight caloric deficit.

First habit to leave out: avoid pouring the kibbles directly into the bowl, without weighing anything. If you don’t, you need to weigh in, to find out what Fido swallows each day. The ideal is to seek advice from a veterinarian to adjust the ration as much as possible, according to its variety, physical activity, its age, and so on.

If quantity matters, so does quality. Other kibbles dedicated to weight loss, richer in fiber and protein, lower in fat, may be interesting.

And if you decide to change his diet, respect a transition, to avoid digestive disorders. This means, in the beginning, mixing the old kibble with the new. Within weeks, the old croquettes take up little space in the bowl, becoming a minority, until they are completely gone.

A diet is not recommended. “We’ll divide the food intake into two to three meals, serve at specific times, and stop all extras”, advice of Dr. Groslambert. There’s no question of giving him leftovers when you’re at the table. As for medications, they don’t have to be daily. Although it obviously makes your dog happy, in the end, it actually makes him a bad service!

Move on … Your dog needs it!

“We also need to increase the sport, but slowly.» If he’s not active, you can’t make him an athlete all night. You also need to consider their age. Instead of running him for 1 hour if he is not used to it, add 5 minutes of walking in the first week, before adding 5 minutes the second week, and so on. “It’s useless to run; you have to leave in time”, the famous expression of the hare and turtle finds full meaning here.

Losing weight suddenly doesn’t make sense if you turn him back to his bad habits. Patience is the key word. It is better for him to lose weight slowly, but in a sustainable way, and let him maintain his new life habits. As you lose weight, always lift it on the scales to see if your efforts are paying off. You can adjust the shot if this is not the case. For sterilization, “This is even more discussed. This practice is even banned in some Scandinavian countries.» Something to think about before bringing it to the operating table …


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