is it better to give them kibble or mash?

According to a magazine survey I’m interested in the diet of our four -legged friends, “one in two cats is overweight and one in three is overweight”. Does this mean that industrial feed for animals not appropriate?

“Not necessarily, because all the same the life expectancy of our companions has improved dramatically in recent years. Today, it is not uncommon to have dogs 15, 16, 17 years old. , which is not as 20 or 30 years. before “, pointed out Frédérique Boursicaut, journalist at I’m interested.

In fact, it all depends on their physical activity. “The problem is that actually, if you put a cat inside, inevitably, it’s easy to fill up because i1 more kibble is enough per day and in a few years, he will inevitably grow up ”, he added.

“Now, in fact, there are some whistleblowers who criticize industrial food, saying that it is dangerous for animals, that it can promote certain pathologies, overweight and possibly also diabetes”, as also by Frederique Boursicaut of Here we are!

Croquettes “better hold the stomach”

“It’s really hard to be categorical because the mashcalled ‘all wet food’, it is very rich in proteinusually less calories and especially animals like it ”, said Frédérique Boursicaut who also recalls that the mash than “four times more expensive” than croquettes.

However, with mash, cats are “harder”. They like to “mash very much, but if it’s aged within two hours in the bowl, they won’t touch it”. “While the croquettes for once, not only are they very strong, so you can leave them in the bowl all day. However, they are also less expensive, they fit better on the stomach as well they contain carbohydrates.

“So ideally, there are a lot of vets now advising to combine the two. So you just have to be careful not to give too much. And if you give a mash, you have to reduce the amount of kibble ”, summarizes Frédérique Boursicaut.

Do you have to constantly change the brand of mash?

“There are really no rules”, the reporter explained. “If your animal is good and you give it the same kibble every day for ten years and it deserves it (…) There is no reason to change. Now, now, we want to do our animal as we do., that is our diet is different, but it’s not an obligation ”, he continued.

You can also feed them exclusively with homemade, “but it can’t be improvised. You have to know a little bit, if not the danger of animals being deficient. This is the advantage of industrial food, it’s that it’s complete”, determines Frederique Boursicaut. That is also known the cats loves zucchini. As for leftovers (fat from ham, for example), “it completely doesn’t make up your animal’s ration. And it’s usually not suitable, there may be onions in it and these things are not good for animals”,

Frédérique Boursicaut is also remembered foods you should never give to your animals: avocado that is “poisonous to cats and dogs”, chocolate that contains “a molecule similar to caffeine that can cause deadly poisoning”, all vegetables from the leek family, onion garlic and chives “because it can cause anemia in them.”.

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