Education: more than 700,000 candidates will take the baccalaureate from Sunday

More than 700,000 candidates will emerge from Sunday for the baccalaureate exams (Session 2022) spread across more than 2,500 examination centers across the national territory.

Baccalaureate exams take place over five days (from June 12 to 16 onwards).

According to the Ministry of National Education, no change has been made in the course of the baccalaureate exam this year as compared to previous years. Candidates have two subjects to choose from per subject, with an increase of half the response time, in addition to the statutory time for each subject.

The examination was conducted for the third consecutive year in exceptional circumstances, marked by the adoption of the health protocol and preventive measures against Covid-19.

The Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belabed, recently confirmed that the subjects of the baccalaureate examinations are related to face-to-face courses in schools in three quarters, calling for “no attention to rumors” especially socially. networks.

“The ministry will ensure strict application of the laws against any individual who tries to spread false topics” on social networks, he argued, believing that these actions are likely to “harass candidates and the they cause psychophysical fatigue.

She also recommends that parents support their children psychologically and educationally and encourage them to keep going.

The minister called for “discipline and respect for the official opening hours of the examination centers for supervisors and candidates”, noting that the examination centers will open at 7:30 am for candidate and the test will begin at 8:30 p.m. am

Mr. Belabed confirmed that he would “personally oversee” the progress of the tests, from the admission and assurance of subjects to the level of examination centers, highlighting the new steps taken by the State. for combating fraud and deception. and “increasing efforts to preserve the credibility of reviews”.

It is also, according to the Minister, “to ensure a favorable climate for candidates of people with specific needs and for those in hospitals or rehabilitation and reintegration centers, while maintaining the protocol of health energy ”.

The Ministry of Justice has sent a memorandum to the public prosecutors of the courts of justice to proceed with the installation of a monitoring and follow-up unit at the level of each court, with a view to preventing and curbing the fraud, deception and leakage of members in the next official examination, especially through the use of information and communication technology (ICT).

To ensure national school exams, the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) has put in place a special plan including a series of measures to ensure the smooth running of Baccalaureate exams.

To this end, “a security system has been put in place to ensure the security of the examination centers, while strengthening the ground presence of the police forces and ensuring escort and the assurance of transportation, distribution of topics as well as transferring copies to collection centers at the end of each activity ”.

“Teams on the ground will ensure the fluidity of road traffic through the main axes and roads to the education establishments and examination centers”.

To this end, the General Directorate of Civil Protection has put in place an operational restraint system to ensure the safety of examination centers.

Technical prevention services conduct prevention and safety visits to all schools selected to host these examinations.

These services operate an operational system consisting of about 18,562 intervention officers of all ranks, 1,460 ambulances and 1,026 fire trucks to ensure effective coverage of the operation and ensure safety. of candidates and supervisors.

The National Gendarmerie Command has taken a series of security measures, across the national territory, to ensure the smooth running of events.

These services put in place a special plan that focuses primarily on the deployment of fixed and mobile brigades and the strengthening of control patrols to smooth traffic, especially at the level of the axes leading to the examination centers. .

The GN Command reminded of the means of communication (toll-free number 1055, “Tariki” Facebook page and pre-complaint site “”) provided by citizens for any report or request for help.


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