A child writes a letter to the dog he left at the shelter to save him from his dad

Dogs are man’s best friend. The reason is that these pets never let us down no matter what. The dog is a creature that will love you more than you love yourself. However, some people don’t know how lucky they are to have this animal with them. They don’t know the loyalty and honesty of dogs.

One child left his dog at the shelter

This is especially the case with Andrés ’father who, according to the little boy, severely abused their adorable dog Simon. So, in order to stop this pain inflicted by his father on his pet, the boy decided to hand him over to the shelter. However, he did not leave them empty -handed because in the box the animal had placed there was also a letter from the little boy about his best friend.

In this letter, Andrés revealed that Simon was suffering terribly because of his father, because apart from being beaten by his father, the animal also did not eat causing him to cry a lot, he said. This is why he decided to put her in hiding. A decision he made with his mom, behind his father, according to him.

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The latter was more willing to sell his dog, according to the child’s revelations, but because he didn’t want that to happen, Andrés decided to take action. In addition to this letter, Andrés also left his savings at the shelter so they could buy Simon’s tortillas. He also asked that we not seem to hit his best friend anymore, because the dog was already suffering badly with his dad.

His promise to his dog

Simon did not leave his young friend with only one box. The little boy also left her her bundled animals and a blanket to keep her warm when she was cold. In his letter, Andrés also asks not to hand over Simon for adoption, because if he is a little old, he says, he will return to take his best friend into hiding.

When the story of the little boy and his dog is told in public, internet users can’t help but be touched by the story. In fact, many people find that the child’s behavior is a proof that he or she cares deeply about his or her pet and that he or she doesn’t want to lose it at all.

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He never forgot Simon

A few years passed after Simon was dropped off at the shelter, but his young owner never forgot him at any time and would still visit him if he had the chance. And each time, he would always leave money for dog food. For his part, Simon grew up and became a happy and evil beast. And as Andrés requested, the animal continues to live in the same habitat where the little boy left him.

Andrés especially has not stopped writing to his best friend, even over the years. In one of his notes for the dog, the little boy told Simon that he went to the vet and left him 3 euros so he could eat tortillas.

In Andrés ’last letter shared at the shelter, the child warned Simon that he would not be able to visit him because of the pandemic. At the time, Covid spread to Mexico City, the town where the little boy and his animal lived. Her father did not allow her to come out as she had said.

Andrés, on the other hand, sent him a sum of three euros to feed his dog. And at the end of the letter, she asks her dog to be nice before she tells him she misses him. Touched by the story of Simon and his young owner, the people in charge of the animal shelter decided that the dog should not be adopted by another family.

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And if that happens one day, they’ll make sure the family that adopts the dog agrees that Andrés can visit his pet if he wants to.

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