The Island of Love: Amanda and Mathieu, crowned winners

Love won in Las Terrenas. After a season full of emotion, the public saw the potential of love between Amanda and Mathieu, who went with the big prize … as a couple! And they believe their feelings are strong enough to continue to love each other on the outside. the island of love.

Amanda and Mathieu, when you enter the villa, do you want to find love or just live an experience?

Amanda: I didn’t create any expectations because false expectations were the ones that disappointed me the most. But I am open to meetings. I’ve been single for a year, and I never thought I’d ever know my handsome guy!

Matthew: I came to the island of love to live a wonderful experience. But I’ve been single for two years, so I’m ready to find love … and I found the beautiful Amanda!

From the moment you meet each other, do you plan to do the rest of the adventure together?

Matthew: We take it every day.

Amanda: We don’t force ourselves. We took our time, but we knew we were alone or not.

Are you intimidated by Casa Amor for your spouse?

Matthew: No. The only thing that bothered me was that I wasn’t with Amanda.

Amanda: I think Casa Amor really brought us together. We know we can trust each other.

Amanda, how did you react when you found out that Mathieu was in contact with relatives when he didn’t have the right to do so?

I was not angry or upset. I understood that it was a temptation, that he had to talk to his relatives. He was straightforward with us.

Mathieu, after the fact, are you afraid that you will be fired and it will hurt your spouse?

Yes, I was scared. We always thought about the consequences afterwards, and we regretted … It wasn’t a feeling I wanted.

Now, do you consider yourself a girlfriend and blonde?

Matthew: Yes. Of course, we experienced a completely different reality on the island of love. We’re boyfriend and blonde, but we still have to live our daily lives and see how we live each other.

Are you afraid of the future of your marriage?

Amanda: No. We can no longer wait to be settled in our daily lives.

Matthew: It doesn’t scare me. There may be negatives, but there is a lot of love and positive.

You got your hands on $ 50,000. Do you have a common project or is everyone on your side?

Amanda: We haven’t talked yet. We haven’t even melted it all yet.

Matthew: I have ideas, but no more than that.

Isn’t living in the same town likely to be complicated for your couple?

Matthew: Not far, 35 minutes by car. I’m sure I’ve always been with Amanda.

Professionally, what awaits you?

Matthew: I will continue my activities as a real estate broker; I love this job!

Amanda: I will start making modeling contracts again. For others, I will watch. I haven’t thought about it all yet. I’ll think about it, but I want to keep doing what I love.

Dismissed very close to the finish line


Balance sheet: “I’ve been with a lot of guys and it didn’t work out. But it all happens for a reason. ”

The following: “I’m moving to Montreal this summer. I don’t know what awaits me, but I want to finish my bachelor’s degree in finance. “


Balance sheet: “As I’m not a hunter, because the more I like to be hunted, the harder it is to land on the adventure once the couples have formed. If I had even gotten to the beginning, I would have had more chances.

The following: “I’m going to take the opportunities that come my way, podcasts, events … I’m going to go with the flow.”

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