The End of Us doesn’t need a remake, so why give it a go?

The End of Us is one of my favorite games of all time. While I have a tendency to put a title more or less forever after its completion, in the case of Joel and Ellie’s adventures, I have repeated it many times over the past decade.

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For me, this is one of the most accomplished stories that has seen the light of day on the PlayStation. A story and characters that will stay with you for a lifetime and show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the great power of video games as a vehicle for narration.

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In this sense, you can understand that I am the ideal public to shed small tears of emotion at the announcement of a redo on Our End. The opening on Thursday, however, left me more skeptical than anything. And I raise a question that, I feel, everyone is pretty much asking on the web right now.

Is it really necessary?

As I’m a fan of the original, I believe the game doesn’t need one redo. Maybe an optimization of the PS4 version to take advantage of the strengths of the PlayStation 5, but a complete visual and mechanical overhaul? I doubt it.

The best is the enemy of the good

English speakers say “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, French speakers say “the best is the enemy of the good”. Whatever the maxim or the language, let’s face it, there isn’t any antiquity or problem with The End of Us in 2022.

Especially with its 2014 remastered version, the title looks great and is great on the PS5. And even if the maneuverability isn’t at the level of the second half of the saga, it’s good enough to enjoy the unparalleled story.

In this sense, we are talking about redo of one drama modernized, along with improvements to controls, exploration, and combat. As such, how can all this change? We played on The End of Us for her drama to some extent, yes, but above all for the narrative of this journey we are staying there.

One can also question the nature of redo.

Personally, The End of Us Part I it would be more interesting to me if it would bring a new dimension to Joel and Ellie’s story or, at the very least, another perspective. A way to rediscover a classic we love from a different angle, somewhat like Final Fantasy VII Remake a few years ago.

I mean, as long as we open the Pandora’s box less than ten years after the game’s release, we’re not going to open it a bit!

However, if we trust the inside redo shared so far, it looks like recent bodywork and some adjustments to the car’s mechanics.

So let me ask another. Why do we sell anyway The End of Us Part I at full price – a pretty big $ 90 – on the PS5?

The prize: another rock to boot

Apparently, that raises a little (a lot) of eyebrows. I want to believe Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dog, when he said that everything has changed from the beginning for this. redo. On the other hand, does this technical overhaul cost $ 70 more than the remastered version of the PS4, which now retails for $ 20?

In fact, at this price, from a studio as new and creative as Naughty Dog, I hope we take advantage of this opportunity to visit again. The End of Us. Or, at least, that we sold this change for a small amount.

Photo courtesy Naughty Dog

One thing is for sure, all of these questions only reinforce my initial idea of ​​that The End of Us not necessary a redo. We could say we would have liked to think of it differently or cheaper, but we can also … not do it!

We pretend we want to give PS5 owners the best experience possible. But then, can’t we add some brushstrokes to the PS4 version via an update?

The funniest (or obvious, depending on how you look at the thing) would be to say that this review idea The End of Us, above all desire to fill the coffers by infusing the beneficial lemon in an established franchise. That may be the case. Because, we’ve heard, everything is usually a question of money.

But, at that point, can’t we give a slight difference of perspective from what was said in the original part? To form some parts of the story and make it a kind of Cut by the Director elongated? We remind you, this is still a ten -year -old game, definitely tested on a technical level, but will still sell for $ 90.

Photo courtesy Naughty Dog

In my humble opinion, the biggest winners from the announcement of this remake are PC gamers. For the latter, who have not yet had the opportunity to taste the joys (and especially the pains) of Our Endit would be a golden opportunity to do so, with a visual design and determined modern mechanics.

But for a die-hard PlayStation fan like me who is already with Ellie and Joel through their post-apocalyptic hardships, Thursday’s announcement was a bit bitter. It’s always good to find characters you love, but what are they redo is it necessary for a game to age it?

And most of all, does this type of exercise cost $ 90?

The title will probably fool me when it comes out. And there is no doubt about that The End of Us Part I sell like hot cakes given how much PlayStation audiences love the franchise.

But for my part, last September, I only risked releasing my copy of the game on PS4 for the 10th time, already remastered enough for my taste.

Joel and Ellie’s journey is important, after all.


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