Summer Game Fest 2022: The surprise of the night was not what we thought

Game News Summer Game Fest 2022: The surprise of the night was not what we thought

If there’s one game that has released the passions tonight from the opening of Summer Game Fest, it’s The Plucky Squire.

Last night, star host Geoff Keighley inaugurated his Summer Game Fest, an annual show launched in 2020 in response to E3 left. And while last night dropped some images of an Elden Ring still in storage, the third return naturally raised high expectations. But in the face of a slew of SF productions falling into space and the announcement of a remake of The Last of Us Part I in the face of completely unblinking eyes, the craze quickly disappeared for some. By the end of the night some hearts were warming to the usual short film of Devolver’s still very good troops. Expected guest of the night, Cult of the Lamb has released a summer release date and some great photos. But in the end it was a game that dropped jaws in the middle of the game.

The Plucky Squire, the Devolver surprise

Plucky Squire is the surprise release by Devolver that night when many spectators were already asleep when the curtains of the Keighley show closed. In captivating settings, a first-person viewing camera enters young Sam’s more well-styled room. On his desk was a pink book whose cover depicted Jot, a squire. Then the pages are turned, which seems to indicate that the adventure will live on in the book. Jot moves at high speed, wields huge swords against bumbling goblins, builds bridges by putting words in their place, explores noisy villages and fights a colossus using his hands.. Then through a somewhat dangerous leap, he finds his own material in the world of Sam, him and all his enemies.

Viewing the Steam title page, which you can add to your wishlist, allows you to glean some more details about the universe. The characters in the books should be “jump between 2D and 3D kingdoms to save their friends. A turmoil between the realities begins with the evil Humgrump when he learns that he is the villain in the book, destined to be defeated in his fight against the forces of good for eternity.

Who is behind the game?

This adventurous story with good tunes in It Takes Two is not only captivated by its colorful visuals, but also by some of its resemblance to the universe of The Legend of Zelda. The mechanics wearing this good Jot are widely reminiscent of those at Link. On the game side, Plucky Squire also offers many variations that mix action sequences, platform and mini games.
But then who is hiding behind this revelation? All Possible Futures, a young team formed in 2019 by two game industry veterans already working on the main Pokémon series or The Swords of DItto. “All Possible Future is now ready to do that special thing you didn’t know you needed.“, is it reflected in their website. After the connection is made: We understand that this is the new studio of James Turner, artistic director of Pokémon Sword / Shield and director of HarmoKnight.

Summer Game Fest 2022: The surprise of the night was not what we thought

All Possible Future was built with a mission to create amazing, unique and beautiful original games. The kind of games that would be shocking when the whole world could see and play them; the kind of games you can be proud to work with.

Now let’s wait to learn more. The release of The Plucky Squire is set for 2023 on the Xbox Series, PC, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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