NFT: Roland-Garros goes into the net

Games, sets and web3! – In 2022, it will be hard to forget the folly of NFTs. It is everywhere, even in ours instagram profile photos ! And sport is no exception. Roland-Garros had every intention of climbing the net with the foremost clearing the field with multiple strokes on their rackets. They are preparing to unveil one collection of NFTs dedicated to their fans. It’s one that’s connected to real life and full of surprises for the holders. All the details of this article.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with the agency Fomow, the FFT and Roland-Garros.

At Roland-Garros, you sit in the center of the web3

While the big names in fashion scrolling the metaverse, our athletes own NFTs. completion the NBA in April, it was tennis’s turn to shine. Through this initiative, it is an entire community that seeks to unite TFF (French Tennis Federation) around this digital collection. And this one will see many use cases put into action from the beginning of the myth. Roland Garros tournament which is approaching. The goal? Bringing the circuit closer to its fans by relying on new technologies in a booming sector, the blockchain and the web3.

By a new collection of 5000 NFTs hosted by Polygon blockchain, it’s a truly immersive experience waiting for future owners. FFT and Roland-Garros will allow a few thousand lucky spectators to fully invest in their passion and strive to win multiple prizes. But among all the NFT initiatives that have evolved recently, how has this collection displayed? The warm -up is over, start the game!

The NFT Game, Seat & Match collection from Roland-Garros arrives on May 19, 2022

The sales phase will run from May 17 to 19. First, the licensees and then the people who participated in the implementation of this device will get it in the first two days. On May 19, the sale is open to the public. The price of an NFT is 200 €. Payment will be made by credit card directly on the sales platform “Hello, Sit and play”. This original NFT collection represents seats that are unique, in quantity and design. Among other things, they will give you the right to access a very special virtual experience within a “digitized” Philippe-Chatrier course.

Play, Seat & Match, join the club!

Hard to get your ticket for Roland-Garros? Owning an NFT from the collection means first of all getting privileges! And in particular priority access to the Roland-Garros 2023 ticket office and the next NFT sales for all owners.

Try the winning forehand and join Club Roland-Garros today! >>

It also means you can try your luck in hopes of participating in unique experiences, such as testing your forehand on the Roland-Garros courts this year. Stadium tour guides and VIP seats for Roland-Garros 2023 are also available.

Through its NFT collection, Roland-Garros offers a new web3 experience to its fans.
Roland-Garros wants to join the web3 revolution

But that’s not all! Have you ever dreamed of winning a match point? Which in the final? Being able to hold one of the 5000 NFTs in the collection is a chance to leave with one of the 55 match points to be played on the course during the competition, from the first round to the last, as evidenced by a digital certificate format NFT. In practice, the selection of each winning number is based on the statistical chance of the match.

Murag CAD, NFT holders have the opportunity to vote on deciding on the background music, the game program or even the merchandising design. They have something to say! They will also be able to interact with enthusiasts within a dedicated discord group.

For FFT and Roland-Garros, the goal of this initiative is clear: to revitalize a community and strengthen its connections throughout the year. A true Web3 Club of Roland-Garros fans is about to be born. This year, NFTs will fly faster than bullets. For a winning return, don’t hesitate to subscribe to the club’s various networks, Telegram, Twitter or Instagram!

Join the future of tennis today! Join the greats of the Roland-Garros courts: start the collection at Club Roland-Garros NFT!

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