LG HU915QE CineBeam Ultra HD 4K Ultra Short Throw Triple Laser Projector

LG introduced a few days ago the new LG HU915QE CineBeam triple laser projector, successor to the LG HU715Q CineBeam. Of course, this is an ultra-short-throw laser specimen.

Ultra HD 4K model, the LG HU915QE CineBeam therefore has three light sources, however, it is not a triple RGB laser.

Blue laser + red laser + blue phosphor laser

In the menu, there is a blue laser and a red laser to create the appropriate primary colors, and a second blue laser treated with phosphorus to create the green.

In addition to featuring a wider root compared to a simple blue phosphor laser architecture, this configuration makes it possible to disperse the color wheel to create a rainbow effect when combined with a mono-DLP. chip.

Main Features

Coverage is provided for 94% of the DCI ‑ P3 root with a brightness of 3,700 lumens, which is the highest possible for the LG HU915QE, and 100% of the DCI ‑ P3 at 3,000 lumens. The numbers are impossible to reach with a simple blue phosphor laser model. It demonstrates the benefits of a triple laser, even if it is only an RGB specimen. Of course, the LG HU915QE benefits from 10-bit color processing for the best quality and the length of the light source appears to be 20,000 hours.

TrueMotion motion compensation is included. The same applies to the Android/iOS Screen Mirroring function and the Smart TV WebOS platform that provides access to Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Apple TV+, YouTube, and more. The use of mono-DLP technology with a 0.67 ” DMD chip and XPR2 process is available, for a remarkable difference of 2,000,000: 1.

As a reminder, the Texas Instrument XPR ‑wobulation‑ processing performed using a 2,716 x 1,528 pixel section on a 0.67 ’’ (1.19 cm) DMD chip uses hyper ‑ high switching speed of the mirrors (7 microseconds) by specific video processing to generate 8 million pixels for each image displayed (a true pixel ultimately yields two pixels), the resolution required for 4K UHD definition. Similarly, HDR HLG, HDR10 and HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group) compatibility are required. To report again, if 3D management is not part of it, Filmmaker mode is available.

The LG HU915QE is therefore presented as an ultra-short throw projector with a fixed throw ratio of 0.19: 1, so only 9.8 cm is needed to capture a 100 ’image. ‘(254 cm) diagonally. That is, the size of the latter oscillates from 90 ” (5.6 cm on recoil) to 120 ” (18.3 cm on recoil). The focus is manual. The operating noise is 30dB (26dB in Eco mode).

Connection and integrated audio section

The connection has three HDMI inputs, one of which is 2.1 (24 Gbps bandwidth) compatible with eARC and ALLM. Unfortunately, there is no 4K/120 or VRR on the menu. The other two are in HDMI 2.0 format. There is also an optical output, two USB Host 2.0 and an Ethernet port. We can also discuss AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth compatibility. The 2.2 audio section consisting of two tweeters and four woofers (two on the front for right and left channels + two on the back for bass) provides 2 x 20 watts of power.

Lastly, the Bluetooth Surround Mode function is part of the LG HU915QE Cinebeam. Thus it is possible to connect two LG Bluetooth speakers to configure a 4.2 audio system and maximize sound amplification.

The floor was joined by Seo Young-jae, Senior VP and Head of the LG IT Business Unit

Equipped with the latest LG projection technologies, the new CineBeam projector delivers exceptional 4K image quality in close range.said Seo Young-jae, senior vice president and IT manager of the Business Solutions Division of LG Electronics. A great choice for movie enthusiasts looking for a true home cinematic experience, the HU915QE combines exceptional performance with quick features, easy installation and a sophisticated design to suit any kind of space. commented Seo Young-jae.

Availability is scheduled for the second half of 2022, with no further details. The introductory price is not yet known but, according to our discussions with some resellers, it should be around 6,000 euros.

Note on the important features of the LG HU715Q:

• Mono-DLP type

• Ultra HD 4K resolution via Wobulation

• Native resolution: 2048 x 1200 pixels

• DMD chip: 0.47 ”

• Contrast: 2,000,000: 1

• Light source: blue laser + phosphor wheel

• Dynamic iris: yes

• Brightness: 2,500 lumens

• Displays TruMotion Motion Compensation

• HDR10 compatibility

• HDR HLG compatibility

• HDCP 2.3 compatibility

• HDR HGiG compatibility

• ALLM compatibility

• eARC compatibility

• Gamut: 85% DCI-P3

• Voice section: 2.2 (scalable to 4.2)

• Power: 2 x 20W

• Connections: 1 HDMI 2.1 input, 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs, 1 optical output, 2 USB Host 2.0 and 1 Ethernet port

• Noise level: 30 dB (26 dB in Eco mode)

• Lamp life: 20,000 hours (30,000 hours in Eco mode)

• More: Integrated WebOS 6.0 function

• Weight: 11.1 kg

• Consumption: 350 W (<0.5 W on standby)

• Dimensions (W x H x D): 533 x 315 x 153 mm

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