first impressions of the new Free mobile app to manage your account

Freebox subscribers: first impressions of the new Free mobile app to manage your account

Surprisingly, the operator is preparing a new account management application dedicated to Freebox subscribers. This is an Alpha version right now, not yet complete, but we offer you an overview of what it has to offer right now.

If you feel like a tester, you can discover the “My Free account” mobile application through a testing program. To access alpha, you need to use Testflight for iOS and register through a dedicated program for Android smartphones using your email address. It should be remembered, however, that you can receive an alert from your smartphone by downloading it on Google OS, since the application is not from the play store.

The purpose of this app is simply to present a solution for subscriber space and account management tailored to smartphones. It is currently reserved for Freebox subscribers and you will need, for the first connection, to use your personal identifiers to connect to it. Keep in mind though, that once this initial recognition has been made, you are offered to use the iPhone’s Face ID to open the application. This possibility was not offered during our Android test. However, you can save your username to avoid entering it every time you open it.

You have reached the home page of the application. The first notable difference between the two OS is that on Android, the dark mode is available if your system settings are set to this display while this is not the case on iOS. As for the presentation, you will find in sequence a line consisting of a button offering you access to your invoices and another to assist, a line dedicated to your offer and a lines dedicated to current offerings. The latter is now not applicable.

On Android, you’ll also find on the first line a feature dedicated to TV options that aren’t even accessible at the moment. The display of invoices is similar to that found in the Freebox subscriber area, with the requested file opening, but it is not yet possible to download it to your phone.

By clicking on your offer, you have at least two options: show a summary of your subscription or change your WiFi. This last option is only accessible, during our testing, on the Android version and then offers you to choose the network you want (depending on the frequency band used). You can find your WiFi key, display a QR code to share it more easily and operator Xavier Niel then of course invites you to use the Freebox Connect application, which is dedicated to these features.

WiFi invoices and management are also available in the “subscription” section, accessible from the banner at the bottom of your screen. The latter will more likely allow you to manage your line, even if it is currently empty. In fact, the lines labeled “new my offer” and “transfer my offer” are currently not applicable. The only function you can activate on this page is information about a potential termination. By clicking on it, the operator will tell you the steps to follow and the consequences of completion.

Then comes an important section: help. But here, nothing new, you have access to all the topics already on the site and the Free Assistance application, either through a text search or through navigation between certain subjects. Note that there is also integrated access to help directly with an incentive to call 3244 in the event of a problem and your hotline identifiers.

The operator will also offer a notification system, which never shows what it will send to the subscriber because the function is not yet active. This is also the case with the last section of the application dedicated to settings, where we are invited to come back later because the functionality is still being improved.

Faced with a version of Alpha that is still in development, it’s hard to establish a clear verdict, but the application seems to be heading in the right direction. The user experience is pretty fluid and you know where to go to get the information you want, if it’s available. In any case, if it has not yet replaced the subscriber space due to lack of functionality, we can expect feedback from users to be able to post comments and observations by shaking their screen or take a screenshot, it will improve significantly over time. Waiting for the finished product.

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