the 5 reasons that make this a complete failure

Diablo Immortal available on mobile and PC. We explain to you why this is a complete failure for 5 reasons.

From the first announcement in November 2018 during BlizzCon 2018, Diablo Immortal raising a wave of anger among the players. Blizzard has revealed that the title will be co-developed by NetEase, China’s video game giant, which specializes in mobile support. A game Diablo new to mobile? It’s not enough for the Diablo fan community to act to shout bad, to demand that Activision-Blizard change its tone and instead design a real sequel to Diablo III.

Players fear that Blizzard will change the franchise Diablo to a low-end MMORPG, even if the graphic quality of the title lacks the usual requirements of the saga or, worse, could it be a free-to-play full of micro-transactions. Four years after the first announcement, the verdict is already in place. while the game will be available since June 2, 2022 on iOS, Android and PCThe conclusion is simple: all the players ’fears were fulfilled. After the scam Diablo II ResurrectedBlizzard was able to do even worse.

Here are five reasons why Diablo Immortal would have been called Diablo Immoral.

5 – From recycling to disgust

Despite the promises of Activision-Blizzard about Diablo Immortalpromising that the title will benefit from the same care as an episode in the main series, with new quests, new creatures, and dungeons worthy of the name, the reality is quite different. Diablo Immortal is really just a big recycling concepts, designs, assets and monsters from previous games. The allegation that Blizzard justifies this reuse? The software scenario, which pushed the player to 1270, was 20 years ago Diablo II and before Diablo III.

Blizzard didn’t even bother to create new hero classes. The studio has recovered the classes at Diablo 3 such as: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer and Sorcerer returned to service. The same goes for the main bosses, which are only taken from other episodes: Leoric the Skeleton King, The Countess of Diablo 2, and Baal, of course. Why bother to create new things when it’s enough to be satisfied with the least amount of service by using sacred fan-service?

orn take the same and we start again

4 – Strawberry gameplay

What an idea to want to release a game Diablo on mobile? With its simple game, the license is required and will not allow any errors to pass. If the franchise manages to be somewhat lost on the consoles that have Diablo 3, tell fans anyone who wants to hear it: nothing beats the keyboard-mouse combination to be effective Diablo. In the case Diablo Immortal, the touch-screen gameplay to priests. You have to be patient like a monk doesn’t anger at such a weak and inaccurate game.

The penalty for mobile gamers is even double, than if Diablo Immortal is proud to present the fact that PC users can cross-play and cross-platform, during multiplayer games, especially during player versus player confrontations, iOS and Android users as long as it is slaughtered in chains. It is impossible for them to survive their opponents.

Diablo Immortal: PicturesEt on the small screen you can’t see anything

3 – Shake crying

Another effect of game development especially for mobile, Diablo Immortal bad. Even if the saga isn’t a smash hit in technical terms, it’s always accustomed to players with solid graphics and a dark but colorful art direction. This is certainly not the case for this latest addition to Blizzard. This mobile opus is more than technical flaws, full of bugs, and the animations are at least a generation of hardware behind.

The bug is much weaker hardware than what a home console or a PC offers, offered in the mobile version a flat and tasteless AD, with employment with almost no differences. Players of the PC version should also experience a leveling down, as it is a slightly smoother and more lazy improved mobile version they are facing. It’s simple: Diablo Immortal almost more beautiful than a Raid Shadow Legend

Diablo Immortal: PicturesDiablo Legend Raid

2 – Free-to-Play pay-to-win

From that moment on Diablo Immortal announced free-to-play, fans ’concerns about it continue to grow. The main reason for this concern: the dose that Blizzard will include in the paid elements of this title. The answer was simple, the editor went to date most of the paid elements are included in the in-game not far from overdose.

In addition to traditional virtual currencies to obtain unique equipment, Blizzard has created a system similar to a subscription, which for an investment of ten euros increases the number of theft and day- day bonuses. But if you forget to log in even for a day, the bonus is lost.

The icing on the cake: to access the legendary items, you have to pay to transform the dungeons into giant lootboxes. Despite its attempt to hide the lootboxes, by changing the rate at which unique items are retrieved from the dungeons, Blizzard has already paid for it. In countries that prohibit the use of lootboxes, such as Belgium and the Netherlands, Diablo Immortal prohibited from sale.

Diablo Immortal: PicturesVSthose who want to play the old -fashioned way are punished immediately

1 – a studio that doesn’t care about players

The pay-to-win aspect than is in Diablo Immortal that Bellular News pro gamers feel it should pay up to 100,000 euros to reach the highest level in the game and has a complete legendary build. A statement that Wyatt Cheng, the director of the game, was quick to deny, but only half -heartedly. He even shared a tweet explaining that the comments by players and critics were “misinformation” intended to sink the game:

“I don’t like the information to be misleading. There is a difference between players who like or dislike a game based on its merits (which I accept, not all games are suitable for everyone). World) and those who like it. or don’t like a game. based on the misinformation surrounding it. “

Diablo Immortal: PicturesLare players ready to destroy Diablo Immortal

Even if the director and the Blizzard teams are defensive Diablo Immortal, the judgment of the players fell. So far the title is one of the lowest grades in video game history in Metacritic. With an average of 0.5/10 based on over 2,500 votes, this is the worst -received Blizzard game among players.

But that’s not enough to double Activision-Blizzard: the studio has no intention of changing its tone, and intends to pursue this new pay-to-win policy, which will make us even bigger.

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