Nîmes: Suzy, new resident of the nursing home in Jardins de la Fontaine

Arriving a month and a half later, the little dog found his place with the staff and residents whose daily lives he illuminated.

“Because Suzy was already there, really happy. Every morning, she was waiting for me in front of the elevator, she knew I was going to pick her up. Everyone was telling me I looked much happier. I felt younger. me “, smiled Janine Parage, 83 -year -old dapper, who lived for a short time in the shared house that relied on Ehpad des Jardins de la fontaine.

“I walk him six times a week. Every morning when I wake up, I have a goal, said Janine, who was still busy with activities. I even prefer to stop painting, which I still love, to dedicate myself to the dogs. “

Daily walk

If she can’t walk Suzy, Nicole Lemoine, 77, does it. “It’s our walk at a good pace with a dog. It makes me exercise, I even lose weight”, he said. And at night, he feeds the dog. Lots of small appointments that focus on a day of sweet moments of animal interaction.

The nursing home now has a rabbit and a cat that will delight the residents. The idea of ​​welcoming a dog grew up alone in Covid, with detrimental consequences on the morale and general condition of residents-and staff. “We are convinced of the benefits of animal therapy”, explained Jérémy Gras, deputy director of the establishment, who immediately confirmed the idea proposed by the staff. Marion Valibouse, Master 2 trainee at Ehpad and project manager, was responsible for organizing the arrival of this unique resident, with the help of the SPA.

Training for everyone

“I immediately thought the project was good, adopting an animal brings life”, enthusiastic Caroline Pelfrène, vice president of SPA, who immediately thought of Suzy, a young 4-year-old dog, crossbreed shepherd and hunting dog, until living in a foster family. But the dog is not a teddy! And everyone needs a little education. The dog adapts to his new living environment. Residents and staff to understand their reactions and learn the right actions.

Frédéric Salvat, behaviorist and dog trainer, was therefore involved for three days. “Suzy is a sociable and playful dog, who is easy to manage”he explained. Everyone learns how to approach it, caress it. And only the references feed it. “ You can just see how Suzy celebrates it all, asking for her share of caresses to understand that she was easily adopted.

Like home

The little dog walked all overestablishment apan lived in fifth stageageEhpad, in service for the elderly disabled accommodating fifteen residents. That morning, Geneviève, a disabled resident,taking a walk in the Jardins de la fontaine with Romane, the psychomotrician, a more fun way to doexercise withoutwind.

Héléna Suarez, service teacher, was pleased: “Suzy gives us momentum, she really puts it all together, she brings joy”. And in the evening, the dog climbs on the couch to watch TV with the service residents, it’s almost home!

The benefits of animal mediation

Convinced of the benefits of animal therapy, Jérémy Gras, the deputy director of the nursing home, immediately confirmed the idea to the staff. “It’s a sensitive chord for me. An animal gives momentum, it has a very beneficial effect on daily life. Caring for it has many virtues, a sharing of love, responsibilities .The female dog develops motor skills, a female cripple with osteoarthritis.begins to move again to take her for a walk, for example, the animal stimulates exchange between residents, along with staff, all involved, the various nursing home services rub shoulders more ”. Suzy also opens the memory box, people remember having a dog, recounts, the memory is also aroused. Ehpad is currently working on an equitherapy project for residents.

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