Franck (Love is in the past): Health worries, retraining, hard end of the month … he trusts (NO)

He was one of the emblematic farmers of Love is in the pasture 2021 (M6). Frank, a 48-year-old forester and market gardener, shared his adventure with Anne-Lise and Cécile. If this experience is unique to live with, he admitted during an interview for Pure man that he was somewhat awkward with his suitors. He also mentions his projects or his work having a negative impact on his health condition.

You admit that your lack of experience caused you to be clumsy during the adventure. What does this teach you?

To open myself up to a world I didn’t know existed. To meet Karine Le Marchand as well, it was a chance. There were several areas affected by the hail, and he called me to check on me and find out if I was affected. We always call, he invites me to come to his house. It was a great human experience with my suitors too or at some meetings I had afterwards, especially with former farmers. I am more inclined to help others.

Has your surgery been affected by bad weather?

Not this year, but four years ago I got it. Everything is ruined. And we lost a lot, because there was no insurance. I was just insured against fire. But these are the things that happen. All I endured for five or six years, on the other hand, was the drought. It was raining much harder than before or not if we needed it. In winter, we don’t need rain, it’s like summer so the trees can drink. By now, I have lost large trees in the forest. If there is a problem, my entire investment will be wiped out in two seconds. It takes ten or even hundreds of years for it to come back. We also have no idea of ​​the number of things we face when we have an infinite space in the countryside. Some think the forest belongs to everyone and they can help themselves. It’s not clear. Me, there are times when I work even a penny per hour. Now I have to count it all. I don’t understand that the political authorities are no longer listening to us. I would never say my words to these people if I knew them.

And recently, someone from your village disrespected you by accusing you of being lazy, after seeing your land. Is this a situation that happens all the time?

These are situations that often happen to people who are in town and come to the countryside. For them, the lawn should be green. But I left the flowers for the bees. And for example yesterday I saw a hare on my land. He was moving in the middle of the day. Maybe a woman is breastfeeding her children. So when I cut, I pass her little ones to the shredder. There was a time, people had to think. Everyone does what they want at home, as long as there is no hassle. I put myself to twelve hours of work a day, so to hear a guy who hasn’t shined at his job make this comment to me, it’s ridiculous.

In March, you revealed that you were trained as a thermal agent and discussed a retraining. Will you give up your job as a forester and market gardener?

I always had two activities, because my property didn’t allow me to survive. In the past, I was in charge of the castles. I played gardener or lumberjack. And there, I wanted to retrain as a spa agent, so I took a course and got my diploma with colors. But unfortunately, I didn’t like Jonzac when I applied. So I had to change to another training, I still don’t know where. A sector where it recruits to have a salary to get out of it, because it’s tough. I was a bit disappointed because I really liked the spa agent and they didn’t hire me for no reason. However, I was able to do two internships elsewhere very well. I do this training for free. I was told it recruits in this sector but it is seasonal. They only call people when they need to. I have no qualms. It was a wonderful human experience despite everything.

You want to sell your land. where is it

I sold the forest in the Dordogne yes, to collect everything here. With the money, I wanted to develop an educational farm. But not because I no longer believe in my activity. I will do this until my death.

You are asked to slow down, however, in relation to your health.

This is why I want to convert. In the past, there was a lot of physical work and I had to do little because I hadn’t been able to rest yet. I have a heart problem related to my activity. I always manage properties where material doesn’t need to be available. That was a lot of manual. That is why the heart builds muscle and because it is a muscle that does not stop, it does not lose material. I overreacted to him and I didn’t care. I can’t lie on my side for example, if it doesn’t compress me. And my heart gets tired faster. It has great power and the nerves do not follow. That’s why my risk of having a stroke is so high, I treat that. That’s why I need to have an activity that at all costs is less physical. In the meantime, I was careful.

What do we wish you?

Hope all is well (laughs). To meet someone again, because I went back to work like before and my mom reminded me. I want to share things with a woman. For no reason, there was a woman made for me. And the advantage because Love is in the pasture introduces me. And on Instagram, I talk to a lot of nice people. So maybe the girl will say to herself that we made to be together and I like her.

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