BAGNOLS/CÈZE Twins born in the maternity ward and their “hero” mothers celebrate

For the second time, the maternity hospital in Bagnols-sur-Cèze is organizing a day for twins. About thirty mothers, who gave birth in Bagnols, came with their children to discuss this unique experience. (photo Eddie Termini)

This Wednesday, the hospital center celebrated the twins born in its maternity ward. This is the second time this day, already celebrated in 2015, has been organized. About thirty mothers, sometimes with their spouses but often with their children, came to share this experience. Some gave birth a few years ago, others almost a few weeks ago and the latter will give birth to their two babies within a year.

These women heroes in the eyes of Mathieu Makosso, head of the obstetrics gynecology department and head of the Women, Mother, Child unit, at the maternity hospital in Bagnols-sur-Cèze. ” You should know that a woman’s uterus is 8cm, like a little pear. It is the only organ capable of multiplying its cells in nine months. Women expecting twins can carry up to 6kg of baby on their lap. It’s not easy and I think the guys don’t realize“, Dr. Makosso testified.

In 2021, out of 725 births in the Bagnolese maternity ward, 9 twins were born. ” Since the start of 2022, out of 324 pregnancies, there have been 10 twins born. This is a small record year“, announced the head of the gynecology department. These births require more monitoring and support, before, during and after childbirth. During childbirth, not one if not two midwives are mobilized. That is why this is why the Bagnols maternity unit schedules the date of birth of the twins so that there is always an adequate team.

Several mothers who gave birth in Bagnols agreed to share their stories with us. Here are their testimonials:

Elijah and Laly. (Marie Meunier / Tumong Gard)

Céline, resident of Laudun-l’Ardoise, mother of Elaia and Laly, was born on January 5, 2022: “The experience was complicated but well ended. I have twins at the age of 50, I can’t believe it anymore, but don’t despair. My story was very touching. A friend of mine even heard people talk about it over coffee shop.My daughters were born prematurely, I stayed here for two weeks.I know the whole team, I still feel like I was involved in it in the end (laughs) .I got pregnant because of PMA ( medically assisted procreation) .I found out fifteen days later that I was pregnant and had two pockets.I found out that on Saturday, Monday I was on my way to the emergency room because I was bleeding. Luckily nothing was serious. On the other hand, I have to stay 7 and a half months in bed.I have no choice if I want to keep them.I have been trying for kids for 25 years.There have been a lot of trials.Now, I live for my daughters, in they run and all is well. Being a mother is the greatest gift. And I want my experience to give hope to all mothers, who are beyond the age of 45, no longer believe it. It doesn’t matter age. My life was turned upside down and I discovered this unconditional love that you won’t understand until you have children. »

Clara with her twins Selena and Mathis. (Marie Meunier / Tumong Gard)

Clara, resident of Saint-Victor-la-Coste, mother of Selena and Mathis, was born on December 10, 2021: “These are my first children. I found out they were twins more than a month after I got pregnant. I was shocked. I don’t have twins in my family yet. Around me, everyone thought it was a joke at first, then there was a lot of enthusiasm. I wasn’t expecting but it was a nice surprise. I think it just happens to other people. Pregnancy is long, with many illnesses but none serious. Now, I don’t have free time anymore, you have to be very organized. It’s a logistics. Diapers, baby bottles, and especially love increased tenfold. »

Alison has two twins: Capucine and Léna. (Marie Meunier / Tumong Gard)

Alison, resident of Laudun-l’Ardoise, mother of Capucine and Léna, was born on May 9, 2022: “I’m from three weeks of” newborn “. My daughters were born prematurely at 34 weeks. A month and a half I was hospitalized and bedridden. I knew right away that they were twins. At the end of my four weeks into the pregnancy, I was told I had two pockets.I had a little problem getting used to the idea at first.I wonder how we were, there was a sudden panic then, I accepted. In my family, there were twins who gave birth, also on my partner’s side.We had one of the two times it would happen to us, but we still thought it wouldn’t happen to us.I have a six year old daughter, who is very happy, but the arrival of twins very different.It changes your life, you don’t sleep, you have to do everything twice.If you go out, you think.I always go out with someone to help me.The twins don’t get up at the same time at night.If you’re not organized, it’s complicated.And in the morning, you have to move. My spouse is there at night and on the weekends and I can count on the help of our relatives, it’s okay. But the two children also have double the love and joy. »

Mary Meunier

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