Worldline invests in Metaverse to provide a shopping experience that combines real and virtual worlds

Worldline was one of the first companies in its sector to launch Metaverse with a dedicated virtual showroom. Worldline aims to connect virtual and real worlds for e-commerce players, giving them access to the huge potential of the Metaverse.

The Worldline Metaverse showroom, inaugurated in March 2022, is an important pillar of Worldline’s Metaverse deployment strategy, is considered a new channel for innovative online social and commercial interaction, and is set to grow further with the growth of the Web. 3.0. The Worldline showroom is mixed in Decentraland, in the Crypto Valley. Building on this central and frequently visited location, Worldline will enable its network of merchants to launch Metaverse through its platform, while giving them added value and visibility.
To grow, Metaverse needs a robust and flexible payment ecosystem that allows users to quickly navigate between payment methods in the physical and virtual worlds. In addition to launching this showroom, Worldline will continue to invest and allocate significant resources to the development and distribution of new Metaverse-related products, specifically designed to meet the needs of the entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves in virtual worlds through 3D and grow in it. For example, white label stores are installed in Metaverse with direct payment access to all Worldline payment solutions, thus combining real and virtual payment ecosystems in the same secure universe. .

The Worldline Metaverse showroom already offers several new features:
– The “Merchant of the month” space, located at the center of Worldline’s virtual space, featuring an entrepreneur and his or her new product, which can be immediately purchased directly through Worldline’s payment solution;
-A coffee place operating in partnership with PAYONE, the joint partnership of Worldline and German Savings Banks (DSV), the leading brand of entrepreneurial services in Germany and Austria. This space suitable for social interactions and informal meetings facilitates exchanges between users, Worldline and entrepreneurs;
– A virtual stage to host virtual product presentations and exchanges with Decentraland users;
– Support for charities, first and foremost aid in Ukraine, through recognized NGOs. While social responsibility is a major concern for Worldline, the company has made it a point of honor to help those in need.

Metaverse is undeniably opening up unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs and their customers. The solution developed by Worldline and its partner for cryptocurrency processing, Bitcoin Suisse, aims to accelerate the immersion of traders in a new space as promised. For example, Metaverse goods and services can only be purchased using the Metaverse operator’s own cryptocurrency. The Worldline showroom allows end consumers to pay for goods and services even if they do not personally hold the cryptocurrency in question. This solution thus offers a simpler and more optimized shopping experience, for the benefit of both the Worldline merchant portfolio and their customers.

For Sascha Muenger, Metaverse Expert at Worldline: “Technological innovation is an integral part of Worldline’s DNA. Metaverse, and above all Web 3.0, is undoubtedly the next stage of Internet development. , and we should It is important to be able to seize the opportunities offered in this virtual world.Our strategy in this area also includes making it easier to access for our traders and their customers. customers, by offering a seamless and secure Metaverse payment experience. “

Strategic opportunities for Worldline and its entrepreneurial clients

The Internet, or Web 2.0 in its current form, represents for millions of people the first point of access to information and services, of communication and social relationships, or of purchasing things in general. . Metaverse, which is involved in the development of Web 3.0, needs to emulate the value proposition of the Internet by enhancing it – and this is the key point – with an immersive three -dimensional layer.

Metaverse is coming to shake and break the boundaries of the e-commerce world. It allows consumers to shop in a virtual world from anywhere in the world, while benefiting from an integrated virtual payment system. This newly dematerialized commercial experience offers the possibility to democratize access to goods and services, based on a radically new approach.

As a key player in the payments industry, Worldline will use this brand new business universe for the benefit of entrepreneurial clients, helping to break down the boundary between the Metaverse and the real world, and showcasing potential of Web 3.0 technology. 3D virtual world. Finally, Worldline aims to establish itself as a reference service provider in Metaverse commercial transactions and payments.

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