unexpected separation of a lighthouse couple, this sad message

Love is in the pasture is a show that continues to attract millions of viewers each week. It emphasizes good stories, it also emphasizes bad endings. Like that farmer who shocked everyone!

Love is in the pasture, a main program?

Some movies know how to impact audiences in different ways.

Thus, some stand out thanks to their identities, while others know how to bring about shocking aspects to their end.

But the show Love is in the pasture hit the M6 ​​channel for many years, found the right approach. In fact, the latter highlights the difficulties of the farmers. It also allows them to find love through a variety of previously chosen behaviors.

This is how we see that many candidates live fictional stories that will last over time. This aspect is especially of interest to the audience, who are passionate about this type of program and encounter. Thus they can form an opinion on the situation of some couples, sometimes debating on social networks.

But while the beautiful stories blossomed, some didn’t see the strange ending. This is the situation of this farmer who has experienced sudden devastation.

A farmer from L’amour est dans le pré has a sudden separation!

This is an aspect that you also need to know how to treat when you enter into a relationship. Everything seems to have an end, and some people learn it the hard way.

In other words, while the stories continue to end in the most beautiful way possible, others are different. This is the situation of this farmer who has experienced a sudden break and who in particular sends a touching message.

None other than farmer Vincent, who is revealed in 2021 in this show. The latter had a beautiful relationship of a year and a half with his beautiful Justine.

It was a former participant in the show Love is in the pasture announced the bad news to his fans on social networks. And more precisely on Instagram, where he clarified the following: “ Unfortunately, I have to announce this sad news because I have received so many messages about our relationship with Justine. Now, life has decided that our paths will part. We are not angry and I hope to return to such good times one day. I believe in life and I hope the days are happier“.

But he still seems to have learned a great lesson from this story. And honest with himself and always far from hurting himself, he wants to learn a good lesson from this adventure: ” I now tell my children and my horses my life. Justine, you will remain for me someone who means so much“.

A surprise that really shocked his fans, most of them reacted on social networks.

A shock for his fans!

It was a real surprise for his fans, who thought the couple was very good in their relationship.

In fact, many couples share their relationships on social networks, which has an interesting aspect. But social networks also carry more serious elements, which can have a real impact on their lives.

So, Vincent, candidate for the show Love is in the pasture created a real surprise and shock for his fans by announcing this sudden break.

During his time on the show, and especially during the evaluation of the love that was in this show, the latter trusted. So he determined that he was the one who took the first step in social networks.

After that the connection became very easy, and they quickly got along. In fact, Justine has the right to meet Vincent’s children.

The young woman also mentions the following: The project is that in the long term, I will come to the region“.

Life has finally decided otherwise and each on their own they will now continue their lives separately.

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