the new cinema on June 8th

Jurassic World: The World After, Men, Luck smiled at Mrs. Nikuko… what are the cinema shows for the week of June 8, 2022?

Each week, Ecran Large makes its market in theaters, and selects a few must-see releases and movies (for good or bad reasons). Along with the dinosaurs, Alex Garland’s latest film, Ayumu Watanabe’s new gem, a piece of Israeli life, the return of Jean Eustache and Christophe Gans.



Duration: 1h40

About what it is : After a personal drama, a young woman, Harper, decides to go to the English countryside to decompress. Other than that, he had a feeling someone was chasing him.

Why you need to see it : We won’t be around the bush: Men just one of the craziest experiences you’ll ever have in cinema in 2022. This is why you have to completely immerse yourself in the feature film in theaters, especially since it is directed by the talented Alex Garland. If you like Ex Machina, BREAKING and/or the unique series devs, so that you will know that the lord is a goldsmith who is able to make the tension of certain pieces of paper.

Aw sa men, Alex Garland fires counter pain by direct attacks of pure terror. By jumping from one genre to another, from psychological thriller to house invasion, from personal drama to physical horror, Men explores many tones, atmospheres and offers a truly terrifying leap into an awakening dream. Terrible dream experienced by the very good Jessie Buckley where Alex Garland picks up the codes of horror to better learn about relationships between men and women.

Widescreen note : 4/5

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All Eyes Are Away From Me

Duration: 1h28

poster (2)

About what it is : Told in three related chapters, the film follows Danny, Max’s pregnant, who wants to take advantage of a party to tell him, but can’t. For his part, Max explores the sexual fantasies of his fiancé Avishag. He trusts Dror, who hires him to take care of his dog.

Why you need to see it : For others All Eyes Are Away From Medirector Hadas ben Aroya rediscovered the friendship with Israel’s youth that he had already explored in his previous (and first) feature film, People Not Me. Except that this time, in addition to always being very bright in his characters through his close-ups, his raw dialogues and his stretched rhythm, the filmmaker transcribes with more finesse and agility the bitterness and restlessness of a young man..

The characters wander from story to story, in the same way that the story radically branches from point of view to point of view, rejecting the classic structure of teen movies. An even more instability comes to the writing of an indescribable bitterness, which ends with the sadness of Elisheva Weil’s action, the softness of Hadas ben Aroya’s screenplay and the sadness of its play. Fake little teen-movie and really big sensitive side, All Eyes Are Away From Me reaffirms that the Israeli filmmaker is one of the names to be watched closely.

Widescreen note : 4/5

Luck made Mrs. Nikuko

Duration 1h37

Official poster

About what it is : After spending her life cheated on by bad men, the luxurious Madame Nikuko finds a more peaceful life in a small coastal village in Japan where she lives with her daughter Kikurin, a wise pre-teenage girl opposite her mother.

Why you need to see it : After his psychedelic and ecological tale children of the seadirector Ayumu Watanabe gives this season a simpler and more straightforward picture of women, but just as poetic and emotional. The incredible personality of Mrs. Nikuko thus irrigates the whole account given to her daughter, whose cruel look and prejudice against her mother – a fat, energetic little girl – can be seen in the image. Kikurin, on the other hand, is a discreet and indeterminate young woman who is still looking for her place in society and the only certainty is that she does not want to be like her mother.

A confrontation and a rejection also accompanied by great tenderness, the two women slowly tighten their bonds as the daughter deconstructs the often negative image she has of her mother through DISCOVERING the heavy secret that perfectly guides their existence, and creates their unconditional love. Remember to bring a package of tissues for the session, simple advice.

Widescreen note : 3.5/5



Duration: 2h26

fan fantasy, movie nightmare

About what it is : While the dinosaurs are now being released into the wild, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard still chose to lock themselves in a park next to the croutons at first. Jurassic Park. Owl!

Why you need to see it : One can be angry at the simple fact that Jurassic World: The Human World disregarded the note intentionally introduced by Fallen Kingdomwhen he finally seems to justify the existence of this new pachydermic trilogy.

No luck for us, Colin Trevorrow made an uncontrollable skid in the deadly water of fan-service. While taking the time to make a disgusting play, never being able to create any emotional crescendo, the director is content to replay the cult scenes at first. Jurassic Park returned to a “nature reserve”. Or how to escape your subject in style.

The molding of the first opus was seen as simply dirty, so the writing was done with nothing but separate puppets. From stupid adventure to unbelievable change, Trevorrow forced his conclusion on the refinement of a bulldozer, and signed what was the same. the worst part of the sagaand the most boring.

Widescreen note : 1/5

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the Pact of the Wolves

Released: 2001 – Duration: 2h22

The Wolf Pact: photo, Mark DacascosMel Gibson could replace

About what it is : Murder committed of the animal in Gévaudan and in the investigation of Grégoire De Fronsac, ordered the arrest of the animal. With Indian Mani, he realizes that things are more complicated than he thought.

Why you need to see it : Because it’s just one of the most ambitious French films in history. With a budget of more than 30 million euros, it was a hit not only in France, but also around the world, to the point of gaining a small cult across the Atlantic. A card justified further, since The Pact of the Wolves skillfully melts into the entire section of popular culture from decades before it – including Hong Kong action cinema – to offer an extremely generous performance and above all very inspiring on a visual level.

And it is possible to rediscover it in optimistic conditions, because the 4K restoration managed by Christophe Gans was personally quite impressive. The filmmaker, who was at the time experimenting with digital color grading, started with the original negative. Dan Lausten’s photo came out more majestic (the snow scenes are still stunning), so even the CGIs are lower than expected. The icing on the cake: everything is screened in the tall version.

Widescreen note : 4/5


Released: 1973 – Duration: 3h40

The mother and the harlot: photo, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Françoise Lebrun, Bernadette Lafont

“Who’s the whore?”

About what it is : Alexandre lives with Marie. But he wants to take Veronika as his mistress. A sad threesome begins.

Why you need to see it : On paper, The mother and the harlot can prevent those allergies to a French cinema author. Let them be mistaken, because Jean Eustache’s film undermines almost all the clichés inherent in the genre. With a confusing freedom, the story enjoys shifting the codes of the New Wave, exploring an acerbic romanticism, often humor and extreme frustration. Despite a length beyond the sequel, the film rotates at a bewildering pace and explodes with all the ideas received for the theatricality of 7th Art hexagonal.

Immediately cult when it was released in the 70s, the film had a huge influence around the world, immediately kicked off the friendship game, mostly fictional talk about love and sex. Until its beneficiaries make the footage virtually invisible, completing the crystallization of a cursed legend. A legend that is finally evaporating, thanks to a long-awaited release and a remarkable restoration.

Widescreen note : 5/5

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