Stray: We saw the most anticipated cat game of the year

Game News Stray: We saw the most anticipated cat game of the year

It’s probably one of the most anticipated games in the indie scene this year. Stray showed us more fully during the long presentation.

In the summer of 2020, cat lovers and above all sorts of cute things will faint in front of the images of Stray, a storytelling adventure game brought on by a cat. The four-legged protagonist thrives in a futuristic town inhabited by robots who have a hard life and must find his way home under the glow of neon lights. It represents the first attempt at BlueTwelve Studio, a young Montpellier studio fueled by the strong reputation of its publisher Annapurna (Outer Wilds, What Remains of Edith Finch). The idea that popped up seven years ago in the co-founder’s mind came alive this year on our screens.

Preview the Terms

We were treated to a presentation for about an hour into the game.

A cat in the city

No name, no story was given to our lovely red cat during her presentation. He has the abilities of a stray cat to be found out of nowhere, lost in the grandeur of a cyber-city. However, narration is the basis of the adventure assures us representatives of BlueTwelve. The surroundings are attractive and juggle between the bustling city centers and the more turbulent deserts. An unknown language lined the walls of the ruined alleys. The decorations are inspired by the ancient towns of Hong Kong. It’s still hard to know if they have much more to say. It is promised, in any case, that the inhabitants of these places each have a history that identifies them.

The first steps are made in a relatively linear progression that can be alarming. And every jump on a new platform is tightly guarded; The loss of a ladder is not appropriate for a cat, so “we agree on a compromise where all jumps can be successful, justified BlueTwelve. A review of the following chapters can allay concerns: the actions seem less guiding and benefit from a verticality. How long to see. In particular, the cat can abseil from high space by climbing on the bucket pulled by the rope. It’s also up to him to attract the attention of passersby so they can tell him some anecdotes, the crossing that follows your rhythm. Curious players are also promised to be rewarded. Another reassuring point: the camera is mobile and can adopt the hero’s point of view for a simple manipulation. Finally, haptic feedback is exploited and dedicated so you can feel the animal’s physicality.

Immersion in the skin of a cat

For the first game of this small team, “making a cat is really the hardest part“. From the use of the camera to the collision systems, it is clear that the interpretation of space according to the protagonist is necessary. In this sense, access to the platforms should be as credible, because the cat, dexterous, is often easy to get through. BlueTwelve Studio claims to have taken care of this need. Here no use of motion capture is used for the cat animation, each paw stroke is rather manually sketched. And the result is amazing. Role play requires, a button allows the little hero to release meows at all costs, even in cutscenes. If you feel it, you can also let it snooze a ball for a while.

Stray: We saw the most anticipated cat game of the yearStray: We saw the most anticipated cat game of the year

To expand its capabilities, the cat has a backpack that serves as a shelter for the B-12, a very helpful drone.. It interacts with technologies, can store objects and even has a flashlight. But most of the environmental puzzles and action steps seem to be solved by the protagonist’s natural talents. A short chase sequence with strange creatures resembling fluorescent mice should exert its agility. Other obstacles prompt the cat to use his natural instinct to throw all the objects he can find over a circle. The promised life in a straight line is seven to eight hours, nine to ten hours for completionists. BlueTwelve relies on a variety of rhythm and content, from simple crossings to small puzzles, moments of action and investigation. Let’s wait and see if the murder proves convincing.

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