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How about playing the Swain Reroll comp with Dracomancier (Dragomancer) on Set 7 on TFT? The editorial staff offers you a guide to the champions, the process, items, additions and positioning.

The composition Swain Reroll with Dragonmancer (Dragomancer) is one of the components of Sept. 7. RLOOK all information on TFT’s Sept 7.

Here’s our guide to approaching composition, with champion of the gamethe growththey important thingsthey increases and positioning tips.

Dracomancier (Dragonmancer) Comp Reroll with Swain on Set 7 on TFT

Swain is a very powerful carry, able to inflict very good magic damage consistently. Because you want to play Swain 3 starsyou can slow roll to level 7 or level 8. This is especially dangerous if you make it yours hero with 6 Dracomancers (Dragomancer)which gives it a lot of power.

You can also just play 3 Dracomancers and instead of looking 6 Naglagot with Shyvana in the main tank. yasuo is also a very relevant secondary carry in this composition.

Unfolding and level passages

These are usually the stages where you want to level up. Rounds marked with an * are which is preferable if you are on a winning streak and therefore want to play more aggressively.

Level 4 : Round 2-3 (or 2-1*)
Level 5 : Round 2-5 (or 2-2*)
Level 6 : Round 3-2 (or 3-1*)
Level 7 : Round 4-1 (or 3-5*)
Level 8 : Round 4-5 (or 4-2*)

It’s good that you want to roll slowly to level 8 for 3 star Swain, but you can also roll to level 7 if you’re too weak to get to level 8 right away.

The thing in favor of Swain and Neeko / Lee Sin

Swain (primary/secondary carry)Swain

Swain has a lot of Dracomancer power, so focus on damage increases, AS and crit.

Typical construction

Other Options

* Do not make and Infinity Blade that if you have one Precious Gauntlet with.

Neeko / Lee Sin / Hecarim (main tank)Neeko

Neeko is your default tank, but 3-star Lee Sin or Hecarim can also be.

Typical construction

Other Options

What to do with your remaining items and ingredients?

Things for Yasuo : Very strong secondary Yasuo in later game. Don’t hesitate to give him physical damage or tankiness things. Here are our tips for thing for yasuo.

Aura objects : Something like Zeke’s dress very good for improving Swain’s AS. the Banshee Claw so it is also very interesting to protect it.

Position on Swain Reroll comp on Sept. 7


Swain : You want it next to the Jade Statue and in a place where it is adequately protected.

Neeko : Put it up against the largest group of opposing champions for its zone stun.

Lee Sin : Very interesting to place in front of the opposite tank tank to get it out of the way, especially Ornn who can forget his spell.

Karma : This can be used as a bait unit against Ornn or Thresh spells to target the farthest opponent.

Best Addition of Dragon

Try always choose Augment based on your need : usually at the beginning of the game it is worth taking a generic Augment because you do not yet know what you are going to play, and then you have to try to strengthen the strengths of your composition.

Here are our recommendations:

  • bililhong lotus (Jeweled Lotus)
  • +1 Dracomancer (Dragomancer) / kasuko (Breaks)
  • exaltation (Inspired)
  • burn (Scorch)
  • anger (Tantrum)
  • Animal Birth (Beast’s Beast)
  • Trinity Force (Triforce)
  • Carapace / Link / Cybernetic Implants (Cybernetic Shell / Uplink / Implants)
  • Portable Forge / Traveling Blacksmith (Portable Forge / Living Forge)
  • All Augment to help you roll

Obviously many more generic Augments are interestingespecially those that give you items or bonuses to your traits.

For more information on Sept. 7, you can go to our level list of the best tracksor of course new champion information and new behavioral information.

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