Charlotte Gainsbourg had a traumatic relationship with her father Serge, but when she died she remained close to her body for days.

On March 2, 1991, Serge Gainsbourg died at the age of 63. He left all his occupations, but also his family, as did his daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg. Zoom in later.

After the disappearance of her father, Charlotte Gainsbourg spoke several times about the deceased man. She reveals, for example, that she already made him feel uncomfortable when he was still alive. But despite the difficult childhood he lived with his father, Charlotte still loved him.


During his lifetime, Serge Gainsbourg marked the world of music. “Je t’aime moi non plus”, “La Javanaise” or “Comme un boomerang”, there are many songs left to us by the singer after his death.

As for the heart, she is known to have been involved in the life of the beautiful Jane Birkin for many years. And from this relationship, the two celebrities have children, including Charlotte Gainsbourg who followed in her parents ’footsteps by becoming an actress and singer.

But when Serge and Jane’s daughter became famous for her father and mother’s fame, her childhood didn’t always rose, as the beautiful brunette said in an interview.

In fact, in the “M” columns, the World magazine, Jane Birkin’s daughter reveals that her deceased father forced her to do things that made her uncomfortable.

“He made me over the sea, doing things that bothered me. It’s hard”,

he was told.

And in addition to these embarrassing things he did to his daughter, Serge Gainsbourg also traumatized him because of his alcohol addiction. A “test” situation for the beautiful brunette according to her revelations. And it gets harder for him when they’re in public.

During the eponymous film played by Charlotte Gainsbourg, for example, the actress “transformed into a cop”, because she was always watching her father.

Cate Barry, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg, during the Cesar ceremony. | Photo: Getty Images

The actress also remembers the time her father found out she was “in the red”, financially. He also added that his parents “lived above their income” when he was young.

And if that wasn’t enough, the trauma his parents inflicted on him followed him to school.

“At school, my parents were constantly insulted (…) In the 1970s and 1980s, it was a nightmare”,

he said.

Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg | Photo: Getty Images


Charlotte Gainsbourg spent her childhood on a property at 5 bis rue de Verneuil in Paris. A property built by her father and the least we can say is that the musician’s daughter doesn’t just keep good memories of it.

Jane Birkin’s daughter, in fact, reveals that she has many dreams of this house, whose walls are painted black. Charlotte even admitted to being “scared” of it. A flayed lying on the way to the toilet also traumatized the beautiful brunette.

Serge Gainsbourg in France on July 10, 1985. | Photo: Getty Images

Especially since it was invented by one of Serge Gainsbourg’s daughters that this thing lights up and illuminates at night. Something even more frightening to Charlotte.

It must be said that in this home, Charlotte experienced many things, including permanent arguments with her parents.

“With my mother, they put themselves in a lot of trouble, I have memories of it, and she never left!”,

he was told.

Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg | Photo: Getty Images

Animations that didn’t stop even after the separation of Jane Birkin and her former partner. In fact, when Serge Gainsbourg went to see his children with their mother, the plates always flew, according to his daughter’s words.

Disagreements from her parents Charlotte Gainsbourg was forced to deal with, in addition to her father’s alcohol problem. The difficulties, which over the years, changed her parenting.

“He was holding me to take a taxi, I didn’t understand where he wanted to go, what he was looking for. Ill accept that he burned himself ”,

he said.

Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg. | Photo: Getty Images

Seeing her father like this made Charlotte so angry that she used her wickedness when she played a role in a movie.

In fact, during a shoot, when the character played by the beautiful brunette had to cry, she began to imagine “the death of her father, when he was not yet dead”, and tears flowed down her cheeks. .

And when her father is gone forever, Charlotte Gainsbourg can’t help but grieve.

Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg | Photo: Getty Images

It is very sad that the daughter of the translator of “I don’t love you” lay next to her father’s cold body, for a few days, after its death. Proof that despite her childhood traumas, Jane Birkin’s daughter has not stopped loving her parents.


Although Charlotte Gainsbourg tried to raise her head after the loss of her father, it took a long time to mourn the loss of the man in her life.

“My father’s death made me so sad that I couldn’t change myself right away”,

he said during his interview with Le Parisien.

Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg. | Photo: Getty Images

If she is still able to move despite everything, thank you very much to her family, including her husband and children. For information, Charlotte Gainsbourg has been in complete love with a Yvan Attal for many years.

From this love, she also became a mother. Her eldest was born in 1997, followed by a daughter born in 2002 and another, born in 2011.

However, even if Charlotte Gainsbourg starts a family with a man, she will never forget the first one she loved.

Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg. | Photo: Getty Images

The beautiful brunette even aims to open the door of the house she lives in with her father 5 bis rue Verneuil to pay tribute to the deceased man.

“It has to be a place that is truly rooted in the heritage of Paris, in order for it to be accessible”,

he said about this project.

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