A New Virtual World to Come

Big change takes time to truly manifest itself, especially in the gaming world. Sure, games will improve and improve, but that’s an improvement-not an industry change. Today, the landscape of gaming and technology is changing dramatically.

Innovations like the metaverse are evolving. Multiplayer and MMO games from anywhere with low lag are now possible. The ability to play an AAA video game on your phone and seamlessly switch between mobile, console, and PC by streaming the game has become a new normal.

In fact, players can now play, on any device, wherever they are. That’s a reality now – and it’s a huge leap forward in mobile gaming especially thanks to 5G making the experience possible.


This new season of play doesn’t happen all night. It takes a lot of different companies to build the infrastructure that makes it work. That’s what the gaming and technology industries have done over the past decade, and networks like 5G from AT&T* and other mobile providers are building blocks for the future of gaming.

You’re already living through the first version of the latest radical change, but there’s still work to be done. Today, companies like AT&T, Google, and NVIDIA are looking for our new reality.

But the big changes that are changing the landscape are starting to take shape. Its seeds were planted a decade or so ago – and it has finally emerged as something extraordinary. For a while, the technology – including virtual reality, augmented reality, motion control and cloud gaming – had its own niches. Today, 5G provides the key to unleashing their full potential.

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If you combine these technologies with a 5G connection from AT&T, it really changes everything. Before 5G, there was a lot of mobile latency to play fast online games and streaming a game from the cloud to a service like Stadia or GeForce NOW was out of the question.

But 5G is actually releasing our technology. Now that mobile internet connections can be almost as robust as our home internet, nothing can stop us from accelerating the future of the metaverse. What does this mean to you? Oh man, it can be awesome.

Traditionally, when playing a video game, whatever device you play is the device that processes it and runs it. With cloud gaming, your network and the cloud will do the work. This is because the game runs elsewhere on a platform in a server farm, and AT&T 5G transmits data back and forth almost seamlessly. Functionally, it acts like playing on a console-you press a button, which sends a signal to the device playing the game, giving you an on-screen output. In the case of cloud gaming, the device can be hundreds of miles away.

Most home internet services can do this without significant input lag, but even a 4G LTE connection is not fast enough. With the AT&T 5G, this lag is minimal. In the short term, that means cloud gaming is absolutely stellar now, because if you have a phone and 5G service, you can play AAA console games wherever you want. And AT&T has made testing easier – all AT&T 5G customers are eligible for a free six -month trial of Google Stadia Pro and GeForce NOW cloud gaming services.*

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But it’s even bigger. 5G is the fuel that will ensure that the metaverse and all things augmented reality can go wherever you go. One day you will soon wake up and realize that this is the world you live in. And it can be a beautiful day.

*Must have a qualified 5G device with an eligible wireless plan (min. $ 75/month before discounts). After 6 months, the Stadia Pro changes to $ 9.99/month; unless you cancel. Access to Nvidia, Stadia, and 5G requires a corresponding device. The AT&T 5G is not available anywhere. See att.com/5Gforyou for details on 5G coverage. Subj. to change. New or existing AT&T wireless customer. Additional fees, taxes and other fees, and restrictions apply. behold for more details.

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