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This month, Ubisoft is offering some great Xbox Game Pass arrivals. While the For Honor Marching Fire Edition joined service on Wednesday June 1, Assassin’s Creed Origins is now available and thus becomes the first title in the saga to join Game Pass. Assassin’s Creed Origins isn’t the only release on June 7 because Chorus, Disc Room and Spacelines from Far Out also include Microsoft’s on-demand game service.

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Origins of Assassin’s Creed

Ancient Egypt, a time of grandeur and intrigue, was plunged into a fierce struggle for power. Discover forgotten secrets and myths at a crucial moment: the origins of the Assassin Brotherhood.

A COUNTRY TO DISCOVER Sail on the Nile, discover the mysteries of the pyramids or face the factions and wild beasts of this vast and unpredictable land.

A NEW STORY IN EACH SESSION Embark on many quests and captivating stories as you meet great characters, from the rich to the pitiful outcasts.

IMMERSE IN ACTION-RPG Discover a new way of fighting. Own and use many weapons of different characteristics and rarely. Advance through the progression mechanics and test your skill against unique bosses.

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Guide Nara on her journey to destroy the dark cult that created her. Acquire destructive weapons and paranormal abilities in this evolution of space shooter games. With the living starfighter Abandoned, explore ancient temples, participate in thrilling space combat, and seek beyond reality.

A QUESTION FOR REDEMPTION – Follow Nara in her understanding of her past. Travel the galaxy and beyond the limits of reality to unite the forces of resistance against the Circle and its leader, the Great Prophet, at all costs.

BEYOND THE Void – Discover a dark universe full of mystery and conflict. Explore epic environments, among the many space stations and strange planes that exist. Participate in heart-warming combat in space across cosmic scenes or narrow crystal corridors. Chorus combines incredible space exploration with fast -paced action.

A PILOT, A SHIP, A LIVING WEAPON-Acquire powerful unique weapons and combat upgrades. Master the drifting of your ship and your own paranormal abilities, including ESP, teleportation and telekinesis, to defeat hordes of enemies and take out giant warships. Combine your powers to become the most living weapon.

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Disc Room

We are already in 2089 and a giant disk shows the orbit of Jupiter. Put on a brave scientist’s XXL space suit and explore this vast intergalactic slaughterhouse. And don’t forget: what doesn’t kill you can make you stronger, a simple press of a button is enough to launch a new test.

Spacelines from Far Out

Spacelines from the Far Out is a co-op roguelike management game about space airlines, with spaceships, upgrades, unlockable characters and customizations, challenges, journeys and routes created in … random, all in the lead with some 60s style help. and jazz!

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