when We Love Green 2022 became We Love Rain

We Love Green post-covid what does it look like? First of all, lots of women vibrating us, parties and then most of all lots of rain and slush. Put on your boots and K ‑ way, we’ll continue with the live report.

Two years of silence due to a global pandemic is enough. The joy, the sweat, the sharing and the love of music need to be rediscovered. This weekend the Bois de Vincennes is no longer quiet, it’s rocking We Love Green. A new happy edition but above all heavy, very, very rainy, prompted the organizers to cancel Saturday night and pass the long-awaited Phoenix and Laylow.

However, everything started well with this opening Thursday. The atmosphere is warm and the sky has the sex colors of the beach. On the main stage at Prairie, Argentinian Nathy Peluso performed our hips and our hearts, while Jorja Smith covered us with her soul and her golden voice under the marquee of Clairière. That night, Damon Albarn, dressed as a pizza delivery boy in a pink jacket, gave us the show that night. A series of Gorillaz hits-“On Melancholy Hill”, “19–2000”, “Pirate Jet”-and guests. Malian Fatoumata Diawara who performed “Patience” appeared to sing the title along with Albarn, and spread all his classes at the same time. A moment of pure joy. Soon after, artists Bootie Brown and Pos took to the stage to perform “Stylo”, “Dirty Harry” and “Superfast Jellyfish” respectively, and a “Feel Good Inc.” in a ragga version. Confusing, but perfect for freeing the body. At the famous “Rhinestone Eyes” that became a trend at TikTok, our pink pizza delivery guy joined the audience. Hands up in the sky, Damon Albarn unleashes a resounding tune that is well known to the crowd filled with Gen Z and impatient to roar: with the beats of “you-you-you-you”.

We love Rain

It was the next day around 6pm, in the middle of a show “unbelievable” on CHS, that French Coachella took the form of a Fyre festival. Even if there is, the organization knows how to respond. As the hit “Organized Band” resounded under the marquee on the Clairière stage, festival-goers who had no chance to jump to the rhythm of the French song, sought a place to live. An hour later, about 40,000 participants crossed the small muddy streams that formed the long road to the festival.

If you have in mind the glamorous images of Alexa Chung and Alex Turner in rain boots holding Glastonburry’s hands in mind, forget them. It wasn’t like that. It was a wet dog atmosphere and a bad activity in Koh-Lanta. Apparently it was about to leave the domain, with the sun deciding to refocus the tip of its nose. The lucky ones who were still there had the opportunity to attend an intimate guitar-voice interpretation of Clara Luciani’s “La Grenade”. By Sunday morning we were shaking, still traumatized by this forced evacuation. “When is the storm forecast?” , “They will cancel”, ”NLP on stage in La Prairie, we can be sure it’s dead ”, can we read here and there, in discussion groups to organize among friends this week of the festival. Fortunately, the storm did not stop over the Bois de Vincennes like the day before. And only a handful of rain surprised – or adorned depending on the view – the sets at Arlo Parks, Wet Leg, Angèle and Slowthai. Not enough to cancel this last day of We Love Green so, but enough sauces to turn this big green space into a big mud belly-slide.

Thanks chicks!

Despite the rain, we still saw beautiful things. Already on the side of the girls who excelled in this post-covid edition. Saturday before the storm, Amaarae surprised people by arriving accompanied by a rock guitar, bass and drum set to showcase her pop r & b. That’s why her sensual hit “Fancy” became an aggressive slogan we shouted. For its part, Lous and The Yakuza made our balls twerk and read our eyes by chaining r & b bops and ballads where the text took us to the guts. On the track “Amigo” Lous was accompanied on stage by his two dancing sisters. Suddenly the show looks like a big family party.

Lous and The Yakuza © HP

Sunday, the ball didn’t stop with the queens, it even accelerated: Ibeyi, Arlo Parks, Wet Leg, Juliette Armanet, Shy Girl, Angèle. We discovered what the word sorority really means in the Ibeyi show. The twin sisters cooperate with each other. Lisa-Kaindé led the show, Naomi lost her voice. But the weakness of her vocal cords did not prevent Naomi from supporting her sister.

Arlo Parks captivated the audience through his velvety vocals as opposed to his rapping gestures. The Londoner half -knelt, closed his eyes and raised his left arm, as he breathed his soul into the audience. At the same time on the other side of the tree, the Wet Leg girls tried to start a strange public in their indie rock universe. In front of them were crowded Angèle’s fans and NLP who were waiting to see their favorite artists take to the big stage a few hours later. Then something amazing happened: the rain (probably the only time it was appreciated). And, we definitely have “wet legs”.

Under Lalaland’s tent, Paris ’most fashionable audience (which is female and gay) gathers to jump to the rhythm of Shygirl’s hyperpop. If some people caught her set because of her failed performance at the Pitchfork festival, Shygirl was quick to agree with everyone. The Marine Serre dress, multi-colored wig and spark cannons, will make the singer anything shy. At the same time, under the marquee of the Clairière, another audience was exhausted. That in “the living disco ball Juliette Armanet”, as described by one of his fans. Everyone is wearing sequins, the singer is no longer on stage, she is in a ring. A love ring. His performance was so intense that his set time seemed to last only two minutes. In the end, Angèle made the crowd invincible in the rain. About twenty minutes later, the rain came down, the sky was still rumbling. But fans remained stoic, even those without an umbrella and raincoat. Everyone is ready to sing the lyrics to the hits of the Belgian star. And then suddenly, at the hour of “Your queen”, the sun returned. A message that everyone is free to interpret as he or she wishes …

What love

The boys also stood out from the eclectic We Love Green program. We loved the football match in the third half atmosphere on Slowthai’s set. Special mention to Najwa, a fan invited on stage by the artist to rap with her. We also can’t miss the duo’s peace n ‘love show NLP. If you feel in need of love and are a bit lonely, we can assure you that after their concert, our hearts will overflow with love. In the middle of each title the two brothers stopped to sing soft and sweet messages: “Look at the moon, think of those you love! ”. Finally, this edition ends with a festive note. When some went into a vision and lost the use of their legs on the blazing set of the electro duo Disclosure, others shared-literally – a closing Spanish feast with C. Tangana. The Madrid artist brings the stage, table, and spirits but also, and above all, guitarists, singers and flamenco percussionists. For a while we were out of Paris, we were transported to the other side of the Pyrenees. A cinematic performance.

Best time: the voice and image displayed by Gorillaz.

What we also liked: the stand-up that invites itself to the festivities. Each edition of WLG mixing music and conferences, this year for the first time, humor is also present. An innovation that allows the uninitiated to discover the world of stand-up at the turn of a concert.

worst time : rain and slush, no Petula Clark.

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