The love of leaks, the fear of spoilers, the funny player syndrome

The art of communication has always been a dangerous art, in video games like elsewhere. Over time, video games have evolved. Even in its form, through more advanced graphics and technological aspects. Through its interior, with complex scenarios and more difficult choices to make within our adventures. See even the way to self-consume by multiplying subscription offers. But if there’s one development that we don’t talk enough about, it’s the transmission of information.

If we always have the right to press releases, trials, news that are expected beyond the internet, there is a way of communication that can be as intimidating as intrigues: the drops. But what is it? Is it always unexpected for developers? Or maybe they orchestrated it themselves, telling people about their games at a lower cost? And most of all, why do some people avoid them like the plague that others persecute them for?

Definition of leak

The drops, all this small (or large) information that sometimes travels at the speed of light. Often unwilling, the French word for them can be leaks. As from the project the droplets that form in the ponds are still kept secret. A code name here, a photo there, and now the ponds have become lakes and we see the beach game, shyly waving at us.

Ubisoft, patron saint of promotional drops?

To give a concrete example, let’s take the case of Ubisoft. If we discuss each of the leaks directly from Yves Guillemot, this editorial may be a site in its own right. Simply put, the company needs to seriously review the security of its data, or it becomes a master of the art of pure promotional leak.

To name just one, we can talk about the drop that appeared in July 2021 about Assassin’s Creed Infinity. In fact, a specific one Smooth-Eart2875 revealed a lot of information on Reddit, forcing Ubisoft to formally formalize the project while the latter is still in the early stages of development. And in drops like this, there’s so much on the publisher’s part that they’re all unintentional.

Over the years, Ubisoft (like others) has made it a specialty to share these “flaws”, raising the mayonnaise around its most anticipated games. Combined with the media steamroller and the international aura it has (is there?), The name of the game being questioned by the drops quickly ended up on everyone’s lips. Enough to feed a mill that always turns in the same direction and, according to the new leaks in the Skull & Bones game, the publisher is not finished with this method of communication, whether he likes it or not.

One at last leaks made by Ubisoft: Skull & Bones gameplay

Why do we like harvest? Why should we be afraid of it?

Man is a unique character, it is well known. It happened to me more than once, as I scrolled without much conviction on Twitter, to find tweets from insiders, these people who are always very (also) aware of the project of the greats of video games. Others remained vague, content themselves with rumors from the hallway and some information passed under the coat.

Others, on the other hand, carry large artillery, revealing everything they know to you, so that you can imagine the game in question without seeing an image of it. And though I’m curious, when the game in question interests me, I inevitably turn around, pretending there aren’t these rumors. There’s nothing worse than ruining the surprise, right? And yet, I wonder. And I can’t believe I’m alone.

But here it is, curiosity can lead to the inevitable event: then spoiler. This happened to a few people before The Last of Us Part II was released. In fact, a big drop leaves the whole part of the story line showing, making it impossible to slalom between the drops for anyone excited to find this little candy with a taste of information. . When the nitulo it’s no longer this little candy that isn’t very revealing but it’s this spicy sweetness that brings back our stomachs.

And it is precisely this paradox that prompted me to write this paper: to understand what makes my curiosity always more than the fear of being exposed to the rules. I think the simplest answer is that my love of video games goes far beyond the pure pleasure of playing them. I love everything about it, whether it’s understanding how it’s made, how it’s made and all the little secrets that can be hidden in making a video game. I always love to learn more, even if it means biting my fingers. And most of all, I like to share what I’ve discovered with others, who may not be very interested in the topic. But maybe it’s all about something else.

Ellie, was shocked to learn that the script was floating around the internet.

Leak vector licenses

Some licenses play drops better than otherscreating an entire universe of thoughts and imaginations from fans later on. Often the fans make the drops from the left, feeds the community with gossip to debate and thus brings the game universe to life in an extra-diegetic way. Consider for example the Pokémon franchise that is now on everyone’s lips after the announcement of the ninth generation. With each announcement, subreddits and forums are picked up by “insiders” presenting their latest “discoveries” on a platform that is willing to listen, but not necessarily believable.

Because that’s true for Pokémon (like others), there are a lot of false drops, cheats mounted from A to Z to get attention. We are told in part about possible new game mechanics, based on the use of a third type for our Pokémon, or even about the possible final evolutions of the beginners or the presence or absence this or that legendary.

usually rude, some drops seem so believable that an aura of mystery surrounds them. And if that’s a little, too, that appeals to us? As long as the publisher or the developer does not say otherwise, the fact that the information provided to us may in fact provides free rein to our most ferocious dreams. What if, through this mysterious information, the video game just opened another door to the heart of our imagination?

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Legendaries, now revealed, are the center of many rumors.

All right, all guilty?

The big publishers know this very well: developing a game costs a lot more money. And why spend all that money when tiny bits of information mixed with dribbles and drabs are constantly shaking the web? What if I was just manipulated by the sales machine, like most? What if we tried what we wanted to know, so we wanted to have? Without a doubt, the other drops were actually unintentional. For example, when Playstation Japan recently uploaded the trailer for Destiny 2’s Season of Torment very early, forcing Bungie to reveal later anywhere. Here, it is clearly not the developer’s option. And yet, before it was released, I was already watching, checking all the rumors, from the most believable to the farthest.

In conclusion, I think this syndrome is a bit of a mix of all that. With curiosity stronger than others, intoxicated with the essence of mystery, we find ourselves engaging even with ourselves in the media machine of most video game publishers. Insiders, like ourselves, are just a cog in this big clock whose ticks and tocks are all the money stored in small or large studios. But can we consider that bad? The video game is evolving, reaching a lot of people, and therefore changing the way it carries its sound. This madness to leaks and the rumors are not specific to it, cinema and television are not the last to pass, voluntary or not, to leaks of this kind. Considering the popularity and leaks together, there is one step that is easy to take.

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