Sophie Davant “falls in love with another man” after more than 20 years with Pierre Sled

Separated from Pierre Sled for many years, Sophie remembers their divorce. Everyone has their own love life, they stay on good terms and engage in a brotherly relationship.

The couple Sophie Davant and Pierre Sled have long caused a stir on French television. Both work in the media world, naturally announcing their romantic relationship.

In fact, Sophie Davant has long been “madam weather” on channel France 2 before hosting several programs on the same channel.

As for Pierre, he started as a radio journalist (France Radio and RFO) before moving to the TV movie L’Équipe du Dimanche on the second channel. Every year, the two see their careers change.

No one can believe that the couple of journalists will separate one day after a few years of marriage and have two children. In fact, their mother Nicolas and Valentine spent more than 20 years of her life with her ex -husband before divorcing. Why did the couple divorce?

Sophie Davant recounts how her fatherly relationship with her children slowly melted away.


Long asked about her relationship and her divorce with Pierre Sled, Sophie decided to release her book “It’s time to choose your life”, which tells the reasons for their separation published in 2017.

“Because I was in love with another man I realized that my relationship with Pierre was at the end of its rope. I was ’emotionally used’,

mentions the host of “Téléthon” in his book.

Sophie Davant with her husband Pierre Sled. | Photo: Getty Images

However, he was told there that he did not pursue his idyll and that he preferred to preserve his family. She didn’t want to ruin her and Pierre’s balance in their 20-year marriage.

However, because of trying so hard to maintain this balance, the couple cannot escape separation. Sophie admits she no longer agrees with her relationship. They immediately announced their separation in 2012.

“With Pierre, we tried to give each other a second chance without success and we decided to separate before the conflict came. Of course, mourning in such a long relationship is complicated and painful, we feel a lot of guilt- who do not know how to age together ”.

he said during his Gala interview after the release of his book. Having left on good terms, Nicolas and Valentine’s parents remain close.

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Even though the couple separated on good terms, the separation was still painful. Basically, it’s a question of mourning over a long love story and a broken family. You need to know that behind divorce parents are always hiding children who are devastated. In addition, Sophie admits that her children have had a bad experience with their separation, especially their daughter.

“Of course, they don’t get well. Nicolas 18 and Valentine 16 when it happened. My daughter passed her baccalaureate and passed with honors. I think in response, he immersed himself in the studies, “

he said in an interview.

Remember, the young woman later fell into anorexia; which discouraged him greatly.

Having overcome events, the family finally got back on their feet. For their part, the parents each began a new life of love. As for the children, they are older and are better able to cope with their parents ’separation.

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Pierre Sled, of Polish and Italian descent, decided to settle in Italy after his divorce. There he met his “bella siciliana”, Barbara Ricevuto, whom he married in June 2018.

It turns out that the author of the book “It’s time to choose your life” and her ex -husband’s wife agree. Knowing that former marriages remained very close, they now continue a fraternal relationship.

“The run was very nice, no problem. I am not a confrontational person. ”

confessed by Sophie Davant in the Femme Atcuelle columns.

“I can’t stand knowing he’s not happy, that’s for sure”,

he added arrogantly.

If for her part, her ex-husband is living a beautiful romance with his handsome Italian, the host-journalist is subject to many rumors of his love life.

The media is actually claiming relationships between her and the men, including her partner William Leymergie. However, the TV host did not confirm or deny the rumor. During an interview with Télé Star, he said:

“This is the ransom of fame. I’m flattered to arouse a lot of interest, but even if people say it’s useless and I’m honored to have three consecutive relationships in less than two months, I have no intention. to comment on what was said. ”

After her relationship with Pierre Sled, Sophie became more selective when it came to romantic relationships. As the age progresses, the French animator wants to experience happiness with the right person.

“It’s a will on my part, I make sure I’m surrounded by people I love and who make me feel good. I make sure to avoid toxins and especially in my old age so I don’t get myself poisoned. conditions.

he said during his interview with Télé-Loisirs.

Her tactics work for the most part, it’s always with a smile that viewers see the beautiful Sophie Davant on screen. Having gone through a painful divorce, she now knows that the duration of the relationship doesn’t matter if you’re not happy.

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