Someone is following a stray dog ​​carrying a bowl of food, you can’t believe …

An abandoned dog with a different behavior

The scene takes place in Turkey. A man encounters a dog he thinks has been abandoned. This dog that is actually a woman walks and gives the impression that it knows where to go. The young man decides to get his phone and film the scene by following the dog. Why? Because he was arrested because he had in his mouth: a bowl of food. Where did he find it? Was it really abandoned? The young man wanted to get under it. For a few meters he followed her.

After a short walk, she discovered that this dog had a lot of puppies to feed, and that she clearly preferred to feed her children more than to feed herself.. Puppies are really healthy looking, not skinny and appear to have nice clothes.

So this dog puts the needs of his children ahead of his own to make sure they are in good health. When you see this kind of scene you realize how pure and natural animals are.and that few people can learn some lessons from it.

Animals: Why are these videos so popular?

It didn’t escape you. On YouTube, TikTok, Twitter or even Instagram and Facebook, many videos featuring animals are creating buzz and going viral. They can be domestic animals or wild animals. Often, behaviors that are considered cute or funny make videos successful. We think, for example, in this video of an elephant pretending to eat a woman’s hat, before returning it to her.

For Psychology, the answer to this success is simple: ” Watching cute animals is a healthy time to stop“. At a time when there is a lot of bad news, especially now that there are health fears on the one hand (Covid, monkey pox) and geopolitics (the war in Ukraine). We watch these videos for a reason: to immerse yourself in a world of kindness, purity“.

It’s by watching videos showing animals that people have, on the contrary, people’s beliefs, they’re imagining about a future of peaceful coexistence: “ At a time when ethnic and religious conflicts reigned in the world, Videos celebrating interspecies cohabitation make people believe in a possible way to live together.. By observing the animal world Darwin understood the importance of cooperation and collaboration for the survival of creatures.“.

The parallel made between man and beast

It will not escape you. No doubt you’ve seen comments from Internet users saying they want people to act like animals. Many of them consider the latter to be better than humans, because deprived of our developed conscience, this conscience that drives man to do many good things like bad things. Are animals better than humans?

For science, human superiority no longer needs to be proven, it is clear: ” we have intellectual potential that allows us to anticipate and plan for ourselves for the future. To make this clear, let’s say we’ve been able to create tools and evolve them as much as we want to respond to any situation. We are also given morals, and our adaptation to life on Earth is more sociological than biological like that of animals, allowing us to occupy the entire planet … and even to conquer space! »

The truth is, and many studies have proven this, watching animal videos is good for your spirit. Subjects studied reported feeling better, more relaxed, after spending time in front of a screen watching videos of animals. If they need us, in some situations, to thrive and be happy, animals are also important for us to take care of our mental health, which is now declining. Having a cat or dog at home is highly recommended for people who suffer from anxiety and loneliness.

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