Rohan Houssein released the album Prince of the City-World

What prompted the transition from your medical studies to music and where did this love come from?
From childhood, a love for art in the broadest sense was there, and the discovery of Hip-Hop culture as a teenager anchored a love of writing and music. Sometimes it is important to reconnect with yourself and take responsibility for this choice. 10 years ago, a series of serious and intimate events in my life led to this decision and to follow this new path. That at heart.

Can you introduce us to your album Prince of the City-World and his universe?
It’s an album that was born with the energy of a comeback in the city of Marseille. In this millennial city, even though we don’t have a castle, there is something unique that brings us and elevates us to the rank of Prince or Princess of our own destiny. The album speaks to this feeling, and to the boiling point of a globality we see in big cities and the intimacy of an encounter that enriches us.

How have travel and oriental poetry influenced your music?
Poetry, a breath of freedom, has always been part of my artistic and human construction, especially thanks to oriental poets like Khalil Gibran, Omar Khayyam, Mahmoud Darwich, Rumi. Now this breath is preserved by tapping on the shoulders of fellow-poets around the world, contemporaries, with whom we share the love of words and the life experience of an artist in the four corners of the world. Trips are lessons that fill a suitcase of new heartbeat around flavors, colors, words and therefore fertile ground for new songs.

What can we learn about the prince’s story that is on this album?
He is a Prince who, after traveling the world and discovering his own questions, returns to his City-World incognito and observer of changes. His return to this “ordinary environment” (less ordinary) makes it possible to divide the universes and to cultivate openness elsewhere from his home port. He was an altruistic prince, whose cause of refugees touched him especially.
She is also a fan of Cinnamon and grand cru coffee (Stenophylla)!
But the History of the Prince is the story of everyone who chose to be an artist.

What are your instrumental choices for the Prince de la Ville-Monde album?
I’ve worked with beatmaker-composers Chrys D, from Reunion and Labo Klandestino from Marseille that I’ve been with on stage and music for a few years now.
Choices are rather natural, according to the inspiration and appropriateness of a text, or conversely when a proposal for an instrumental is the cause of the writing act.

We found you in the duet with many of the artists on this album. How are your meetings and your exchange opportunities?
There, too, instinct is the master as well as many synchronicities. With Anglo-Jamaican actor Franz Von, we exchanged distance, with Obree Daman, we met Senegal and Mama Yuketa, between two sessions at Labo Klandestino in Marseille.

Tell us about the title Utopias
It’s a beautiful title, whose design also brings the beauty to life. Thanks to a friend at the French Institute in Dakar, I met Obree Daman, of whom I am already a fan, who immediately suggested the chorus of this song at a studio session in the Guediawaye district.
The title is a light, poetic and solar synthesis of emotions known in the artistic way, guided by our dreams and our utopias and the unconditional love of our art.

What do you want to give the public with this album?
Goodness, warmth and perhaps the penetration of resonance to evoke acts that manifest themselves in the object.
And do the dance in public too!

What can we know about the album cover Prince of the City-World and what are your choices about it?
I asked actress Malvina Barra, whose graphic work I admire, to do it, along with some songs (going on) in support. I also recently watched the Arcane series and I appreciate the goodness of the drawing, hence the desire to focus myself in this kind of artistic direction.
He captures with majesty the soul, color and energy of the project with a first suggestion, full of hidden meanings that are consistent with the album.
He explained the process of creating his Instagram account.

Do you have an anecdote or indifference to give us about the album?
The Master sound engineer makes very good pizzas. (laughs)

Will you have the opportunity to give concerts soon and what do you appreciate about these moments with the public?
I recently got out of a fantastic release party given at the Plage du Prophète in Marseille, where we participated in a musical moment feet in the sand, facing the sunset. Other concerts take place throughout the summer and for the start of the school year.
I love to share my poetry and interact with the public, in a suspended sharing moment.

Would you like to tell us a few words about your Deysham clothing brand?
It’s the same brand, my label, and merchandising. Each new project pushes a creative and humane dynamic where the brand continues to come to life through new designs and new collections. It is the stamp that seals the hibiscus-values ​​of our art.

What do you want to say to end?
that Prince of the City-World enter your ear and heart.
Thank you so much for this interview and its relevance!

Thanks to Rohan Houssein for answering our interview!

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