Osatopia trailer, Ankama Live and release date

The Temporis 7 points the tip of its muzzle at the Dofus. The trailer is already available, formalizing Osamodas ’role in managing the server. The theme? Osatopia, a city where you can hunt Pokémo… Changed!

Update: June 7, 4 pm, Ankama Live

DOFUS Temporis 7: Summary of Ankama Live presentation

The day does not end. After a teaser article and another for the trailer, this time Ankama published an announcement for a presentation on Ankama Live. So, find out Djinn, Logan, Kewl, and yaula (individual Director of Communication Pole, Producer and Game Designers) for a special Temporis 7 stream on the Ankama Live twitch channel.

The latter will air on June 7 from 2:30 p.m. The Dofus team will reveal a little more information about Alterés and Osamodas ’intentions for this edition. Of course, it’s also likely to talk about pre-registrations and the exact release date!

Summary live

The live has begun!

Characters and classes can’t be the center of the game! They can only be supporting characters, with spellings to enhance. Examples of Steamer and Osamodas

To fight, you must collect 151 Updates! The latter is captured in areas of the World of the Twelve, with many searches for Osamodas. They have a “Blob” form before the fight starts and are random.

The first starters, already revealed in the trailer, all have their little particularity: Tank, MP removal, position swapping… They are needed at the lower level.

In terms of gameplay loops, everything is done to improve the collection. Of course, you can recover the equipment, giving 100% of their properties to the Refurbished.

About thirty Altered will also have the opportunity to develop through a new profession: “Bestiology”.

You will also see different levels occasionally. Modified will then play a specific animation, with spellings and a unique look.

Tradition on Temporis servers, you can throw your equipment at monsters in the game! However, rates go up for one reason: Idols have no effect on drops.

In terms of limits, you can only summon 2 upgrades simultaneously, for a team of 6 per fight. These fights are also limited to 4 characters, to avoid the usual length associated with calling.

The ephemeral dimension returns, still offering the NPCs present in Temporis 5 & 6.

You can also find different arenas, allowing you to have challenging confrontations and a bit of PvP alike! Speaking of challenges, a league can be used as the “end of the game” theme, and clearly takes the concept away from Pokémon.

In terms of fun, the masters of the game will offer you events related to Team Croquette at the stage of mockery. Drupik seems to be a central character here!

For the prizes, the Dofus team is planning the most! Headdresses, Apparats, Animations, must have something for your taste! Twitch Drops rewards, including a Hitch Set as well as a related character, are available.

Newly introduced by Dofus Retro, at the end of the server you can access a set of “Ankarton”. It will be linked to the account, with a bonus only on all of your character’s equipment. Yes, finally there are things to start all over again on classic servers!

Finally, the dates! Temporis 7 will be released on June 29, 2022, the next day at 2.64. You can find pre-registrations now on the Ankama website.

Pre-registrations are now available. Note that this is only a way to estimate the distribution of players according to servers and that it is always possible to create characters when opening the Temporis server.

To replace the idols, experience candies are on the development timeline. They multiply the experience gained by 2 to 4 hours, enough to select your farming sessions.

As with the unique designs for the Updated, the shines are not available for the server.

All fights that require specific mechanics that are impossible to take advantage of during this Temporis (Dramak for example), its mechanics have been slightly modified. Some dungeons can be very difficult, but never impossible.

With 2.64 set for June 28, a beta is coming soon. The developers don’t have enough players and feedback during these betas, and want more players to participate.

End of teaser

The mockery is too short for this new edition. In some articles, the Dofus group reveals the theme, which is finally very clear, as well as the conceptual extracts for this Temporis. Some have even been able to translate the mysterious codes, giving “OSAMODAST7”. You can find all the information on this survey through this article.

For the piece de resistance, Temporis 7 is definitely under the sign of Osamodas and his protégé “Osatopia”. The concept is new, offering a Pokémon attack to Dofus. In fact, god would suggest you go catch and raise “Changed”. Some appear during the trailer, others remain secret and obscure. In addition, we note the existence according to the “Altedex Osamodas”, of 151 creatures, as well as possible evolutions. Usually, monsters will continue to exist appearing, hence the appearance of the “Entropix” ​​NPC.

In addition to a little appetizer, the video provides even more important information: a release date. See you in June for the release of the Temporis 7 server on Dofus. Currently there is no live presentation or pre-registration, we can easily predict the arrival of the end of the month. However, in an express teaser, one wonders if it won’t be sooner than expected.

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