MacOS Ventura: Here’s the list of the best features coming soon to your Mac

Come fall (or July if you’re the beta type) you’ll appreciate macOS Ventura for its true value.

Announced at WWDC 2022, Apple is finally improving multitasking on Macs, bringing your iPhone closer to your Mac device, and tweaking common apps like Mail. Here are some of the best features to come to your Mac later this year.

Stage Manager: Apple has expanded multitasking

Multitasking has always been a problem on macOS, and with Ventura, Apple has made major improvements. The operating system has a new feature known as Stage Manager. It sits on the left side of your Mac’s screen and can organize open windows and apps, so you can focus on what you’re working on.

This is major changes from the current system, where if you minimize an app or send it in the background, you can lose focus on it. The app is buried behind what you’re doing or stuck in the port, invisible.

The new Stage Manager works similar to the Windows 11 Snap Groups feature in the Windows taskbar. You can group your windows in this area when working on projects and pop them up as needed from the left side of your screen. You can also switch between windows using Stage Manager, and send the content from your desktop to an application with a Stage Manager shortcut later.

Continuous Camera: Use your iPhone as a webcam

Your Mac probably doesn’t have the best webcam, unless it’s one of the newer models. Well, with Continuity Camera, Apple wants to improve your video calling experience. That’s why it ranks second on our list of the best macOS Ventura features.

With it, your Mac will be able to recognize and use your iPhone’s camera when it’s nearby. The phone can even connect to the Mac wirelessly, without having to wake up or select it.

The best of all? The excellent camera features on your iPhone are also available on your Mac. Portrait mode and ultra-wide angle lens can be unlocked on your Mac so you can better view your calls and even display your desktop. You can use the new Studio Light feature, which will brighten your face while illuminating your background.

The Continuity Camera works on the iPhone XR or later, according to Apple. The Continuity Camera also requires a Mac and an iPhone or iPad with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and both devices must be signed in to the same Apple ID with two-factor authentication.

Mail app update

You’re probably spending a lot of time emailing your Mac because of the pandemic. Third-party apps like Outlook have long been known to be more comprehensive than Apple’s Mail app, but Apple has finally updated the native macOS Mail experience with a number of useful new features.

Improved search to be faster and smarter, now fixes your typos and spelling mistakes. It will also give you easier access to new emails and documents. Also, you can schedule emails and cancel a message after hitting the send button. Not to mention settings reminders to return a message, automatic follow-up suggestions, and smart reminders for missing CCs and attachments.

Other new ones

The Stage Manager, Continuity Camera and Mail app are the three main features of MacOS Ventura, but there are many more. Apple has also optimized the Weather and Clock apps to pair with iOS and introduced a new System Preferences app that will fit the iPhone and iPad.

In addition, Spotlight has been improved, with cleaner navigation, faster performance, and the ability to transfer FaceTime calls from Mac to iPhone. Not to mention the new digital key password management system and gaming experiences.There is a new color calibration feature that ensures your Mac and iPad remain the perfect match for those whose work depends on this accuracy .

Last year’s big Mac update, MacOS Monterey, was launched on October 25. If Apple stays on the same schedule, everyone should have all of these macOS Ventura features on their Mac by the same date in 2022.

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