Loss of Ve’nari: The mystery is solved and the Training Device toy is available – World of Warcraft

The mystery of Ven’ari’s disappearance (or death) is solved. When you associated with Ve’nari’s corpse At Zereth Mortis, at Creation Catalyst, you will receive a mail from Trader 5 days later. He explains where he is and sends you a new gift, the Educational Device toy.

Let’s examine the letter and how the toy works.

Letter from Ve’nari

I hope you don’t think I’m dead to Zereth Mortis. I apologize to you, but it takes more than a fake death to sow discord between longtime colleagues. My plan worked “like a watch,” using an expression dear to mortals.

With your help, I was able to make Zereth Mortis a device thanks to which I can now move freely in the four corners of the universe. Here I was finally rescued not only from the Den, but also from the henchmen of the Ve Cartel who probably believed I was dead now. I have before me a whole life of exploration, and like so many opportunities to seize.

In addition, I crossed the streets of a Xolartios, who kindly offered me his services as a guide. We will definitely meet again if I need a reliable asset in my arms.

Sincerely, Ve’nari

Toy Didactic device

The toy shows something floating. For 5 minutes, you can interact with him by choosing from three options:

  • Question on the device
  • Access to the Ve’nari Code of Conduct
  • Access Ve’nari’s device description

Question on the device

You never ask. The Didactic Device directly reveals a random response. I’ve collected some of these that I invite you to discover below.

  • Surprisingly the question is accurate … As for answering you, I can only guess.
  • A presence is watching you, you know.
  • Oh, you can’t stop me. I think there are more urgent things to do than save all creatures.
  • Hmm … That’s interesting.
  • This is a crazy test now. Don’t lose the purpose of life. The big games will have to wait.
  • Look with clarity and you will find treasures around you.
  • Try again to see.
  • One step away from an important discovery. Don’t let it pass you by.
  • All mysteries will be revealed.

Ve’nari Rules of Conduct

These are the seven rules for enduring Maw.

  1. There is a way out. To ensure survival in Maw, you should always have an escape plan.
  2. Always lower the profile. Strangely there is no place in the Lair. When you arrive, you’ll get what you’re looking for, and you’ll leave … without leaving too many feathers, if possible.
  3. Trust is gained and knowledge is not free. I gave you a cryptogram, so you obviously owe it to me.
  4. Always have a list of wishes to end your life. And if you’re in mine, don’t be big -headed. You are at the bottom.
  5. Knows how to be brave when the situation calls for it. Antilles rarely expect this.
  6. Constantly inventing new methods of camouflage. Anti-religious people are constantly looking for new ways to find us.
  7. Betrayal is inevitable, even within your loved ones. Especially with your loved ones in life.

Description of Ve’nari’s device

Unsurprisingly, please accept this device as a token of gratitude for your help. I recorded that way all my lessons there. If you feel lost, ask him what to do and he will give you an answer tailored to your situation. And if not … well, you can blame yourself.

It also covers my rules of conduct in full, in case of memory lapse. When we are no longer in Maw, they are less important in the life we ​​lead, wherever we go.

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