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The first few hours of Diablo Immortal were successful. Putting aside reflection on in-app purchases, oscah12 wants to give its opinion on another important topic on a game from the Diablo series. Does the title have enough content to keep high-level players busy?

In a message posted on Reddit, he talked about his own experience. He has played a lot since last week and he has already reached level 60 and Parnagon 12. Now he wants to continue to evolve and come against some limits.

Thought you might be interested in watching and discussing all of this in the comments. Here is a French translation.

I am currently at level 60 in Paragon 12 (the highest level on my server) and I really enjoyed spending all my time on this game the past few days. I have only spent $ 5 on Battlepass so far and have no plans to spend anything in the future. I know a lot of people have raised issues about this game about P2W, but I’m going to completely skip that part because obviously everyone is just talking about that and there’s nothing else this game has to offer. play.

My main issue with this game is that I feel like I’m wasting my time no matter what I’m doing that hasn’t made any real progress and my goals are no longer clear. Let me explain to you.

When you reach level 60, there are many activities to progress, but the main ones are:

  • Paragon
  • Equipment Upgrade

Coming to Paragon, there is this system called Server Paragon Level which increases daily by 2. If you are below Server Paragon Level, you get more experience to level up more quickly (I remember I had about 130% XP when I hit 60). Once you exceed the paragon server level, your experience gain will decrease significantly (the paragon server level is 8, I am now paragon 12 so I only get 60% XP).

The intentions of the system are very clear, to introduce catch-up mechanics for players with a small amount of playing time, to target a mobile audience and also a good way for newcomers can catch up with active players faster.

My main issue with this system is that as a player who loves to play very much, it can be inefficient for me to keep leveling up, as I prefer to spend my time on other activities that are not punished while leveling. I was caught. So I looked for other activities to pass my time.

Then I’ll look at the next thing, which is to upgrade my equipment. What can I do to improve my equipment at this stage? Honestly, I don’t want to hyper-max my current device because it will be replaced by the new difficulty, Inferno 2, which will introduce a better device. I can only unlock Hell 2 from 30 paragons, which means I’m running into the paragon problem again. I will waste my time looking for better equipment. I could also try to unlock legends that I don’t already own but need the essence for later, but I’m already done with that point.

Maybe I can start getting upgrade materials by collecting items so I can continue to upgrade my equipment through the carpenter? You see if you reach rank 6 in each of the 6 main pieces (which you are now) you need the Paragon 20 to keep upgrading your gear so again I can never do anything to improve myself.

Choosing a set of items? In hell level 1, you only have access to 2/6 set of items retrieved from specific dungeons. It takes a few hours to get the 2 sets of items you can get, but once you get them there is nothing else to do here (unless you want to get the set piece that is most perfect with the best qualities , but it’s not really worth it at this point).

And don’t get me started with the legendary gems, they’re probably the farthest thing with the ability to grind.

So what should I play, what should I do as a player who has reached the paragon cap on the server? The best thing for me right now is to do my daily work and wait for the server paragon level to rise and that. No one else deserves to waste time to quickly catch up after the server paragon level rises. You might be thinking if you read this: “This is a mobile game, it doesn’t have to stay with me anymore.” And to some extent, I agree with you.

However, this game is not just for a mobile audience. The decision to release the game on PC opens it up to an audience targeted at PC players who are new to the Diablo genre or have played previous Diablo games. Diablo Immortal seems to move away from the “Play as much as you want” philosophy of the old Diablo games, while targeting the same gamer audience? This seems like a strange decision to make, which has probably been pushed hard since the “No phone?” Incident.

I don’t think the paragon cap on the server is bad, but as a game designer myself who is also working on an MMO that I don’t want to reveal, there are better ways to introduce catch mechanics -up in a game while allowing your best players to keep playing without feeling constrained.

First, there is the daily search. This is a great way to introduce good capture mechanics to a game that allows players with a small time volume to catch up with players with a long time. However, journas alone do not help newcomers catch up, as they are still behind in the number of journas as active players. However, I think there are also better ways to overcome this problem without limiting the leading players. For example, having a good market can be beneficial here. Active players make materials, and over time the cost of materials decreases, making it cheaper for newcomers to get such materials to catch up with active players. The immortal does not take much advantage of this aspect, except for gems. Other ways are to focus more on buffs instead of debuffs (because XP debuffs are always awesome) by introducing XP buffs at periodic intervals over several months for newcomers. player. Another suggestion is to move the paragon level on the server closer to the highest paragon on that server without introducing an XP debuff and focus more on XP buffs. There are also other ideas that might work better, but what Immortal does is more strict for high rollers.

But that’s all I can say about this game, I think it has potential, combat is more addictive like other Diablo games, but it needs changes to work.

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