his daughter Bianca gives him a crazy surprise, the backdrop…

Cyril Hanouna no longer shows himself. It was raining and shining on C8. Specifically as an animator and producer Don’t touch My TV. As such, he is a key PAF figure and one of France’s favorite animators. He is also the one with no controversy to escape and no debate to resist. However, this is not his “official” job Objeko want to talk to you today. This is another work of Cyril Hanouna, a work he will never lose. Our readers already understand, we want to talk to you about his role as a father. Bianca and Lino’s father, the PAF promoter recently put his son in the spotlight on the networks. While often his son attracts all the attention of his fans on the Web!

Cyril Hanouna is a gaga father

Fans of TPMP have long known this. Cyril Hanouna is a man who works on impact, on emotion. That’s why he considers his television crew members to be members of his family. And especially the reason why he has unconditional love with his audience. A love he did not hide and that was also the standard. But readers ofObjeko there is no doubt about it, if it is necessary to make a list of Cyril Hanouna’s loves, it is this he will bring to his children first. And from afar!

It is impossible to forget the love that Cyril Hanouna posted to his children. Became Bianca’s father on March 3 2011 and Lino on May 14, 2012, they were already his reason for living. However, the animator’s son is more often than not TPMP found on the web. In fact, her son probably wants to be smarter. The photos of the boy were unusual and they pleased Baba’s fans. But not everyone is rosy on the C8 star’s social networks.

In comments on this 10th photo of Lino on Cyril Hanouna’s Instagram account, Internet users are still wondering why Baba’s son is better than his daughter on the Web. As always, it’s a fiery debate that can capture the negative proportions shown on social networks. If the general attitude of the host’s fans TPMP is to promote dialogue, they are also the type to express their opinions no matter what the cost. Thus, some of them went on to say that Cyril Hanouna should have had more of a relationship with his son than with his daughter. Or that she may also intend to keep him away from the light in order to favor her child.

A surprise that everyone agrees?

Obviously, impossible for Objeko to draw such conclusions. Our readers will also agree, only Cyril Hanouna knows what happened. And real image that Bianca paid the price of rumors under the pretext that Lino showed up more than she did on her dad’s Instagram account. We have no doubt that this is not a calculation on the part of the animator and producer TPMP. However, it was only a few days later that he appeared on the Web, in his dad’s publication.

It was a nice surprise for Baba’s fans, but also for him! In fact, he was filmed shocking her as she ate at the restaurant. Her smile and her cry when she discovered her daughter’s face expressed a great deal of her love for her. What calmed the rumors about Bianca? This is all the damage we can wish for Cyril Hanouna and his family.

Bianca and Lino, the two children of Cyril Hanouna and his ex-wife Emilie, will never suffer the slightest comparison. In part because the parents knew this, in the eyes of later, it was impossible to create a hierarchy of affection carried by one of his children. Therefore, to imagine that the PAF troublemaker left his daughter for his son is very sad to think about. And it’s unthinkable that the host TPMP can substantiate such statements. On the contrary, it can hurt him to see that some of his fans are convinced of it.

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