a fur service to keep or have a dog kept

Not everyone is lucky enough to live with an animal, and not all owners can stay with their little companion 24 hours a day.To solve this problem, Thibaut Pfeiffer launched Emprunt Mon Toutou, a dog sharing network. Available in France and Spain, this service has more than 500,000 members since its inception in 2017. Image of a hair company.

Lovers of dog species will definitely agree with this famous quote from the author. JR Ackerley : “ The dog has only one purpose in life: to sacrifice his heart. »Adopting an attractive fur ball and experiencing the strange moments at its feet fills thousands of owners with joy.

Alas, our busy lifestyles, our sometimes inadequate environment and time as fast as a fighter jet will not always allow us to take care of these creatures overflowing with love like we need. Modern society can affect our daily lives and can negatively affect animal well-being.

A delay related to work or forced transportation Ruby wait a few more hours for your return? Have you always dreamed of sharing your days with a little furry friend, but your current situation is a barrier to adoption? Thibaut Pfeiffer are well aware of these issues and the resulting frustration. Enthusiastic about digital, concerned with improving the quality of life of employers and their furry friends, the entrepreneur has an attractive idea of ​​creating community Borrow My Doggie.

Take care of other people’s dogs

This new concept has brought together almost 530,000 members since its launch in 2017. It has to be said that keeping and caring for an animal is never easy! Thus, owners who want to shed the loneliness of their favorite four-legged have the opportunity to get a quality volunteer nanny in a few hours to a few days. It is also an opportunity to offer new experiences to their dog.

As for people who can’t always meet the needs of a doggie, but want to take care of it every now and then, they’ll also find what they’re looking for. Owners and non-owners form a symbiotic relationship, at the center of which the welfare of the animal comes first. In the end, there is no real dichotomy between the 2 parties, with unconditional love for pets.

Article illustration: Borrowing Mon Toutou: a fur storage service or with a dog

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“Sharing miraculous moments with a doggie”

If available and willing, “borrowers” ​​volunteer to fix a dog. To do this, they report it directly to the platform Borrow My Doggie. Moments of joy followed, for them and for the treasure in the legs they kept precious. Both turn away from loneliness and fill in the emotional void.

During this time, the adoptive parent of the animal can continue their business without being plagued by anxiety or guilt. In short, everyone turned out to be a winner!

With Emprunte Mon Toutou, we hope to give you the pleasure of sharing magical moments with a dog, the chance to meet someone who helps you by taking care of your dog, and creating a new friendship. “, declared Thibaut Pfeiffer in a press release.

Article illustration: Borrowing Mon Toutou: a fur storage service or with a dog

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Matmut, with Emprunte Mon Toutou

In France, more than one in two households owns a pet. The latter is often considered a full -fledged family member. Encouraged by the same spirit of cooperation and the same concern for the welfare of the animal, Borrow My Doggie and the band Matmut builds effective partnerships.

The mutual company that specializes in personal insurance offers dog and cat health insurance contracts. The goal? Secure your beloved furballs against diseases, accidents and surgery. Like us humans, our little companions are not safe from the unexpected.

In addition to its complementary animal health offering “Assur’4 pattes”, the Matmut present Borrow My Doggie to its members who may or may not own animals; 12 months is also offered. To date, more than 5,000 subscriptions have been purchased at Matmut and 1,800 members have already used the service, with no additional subscription costs for them.

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