What are the solutions to protect against sexual assault?

Sexual assault in the metaverse is already on the table. Some women recounted the sad experiences they had on this platform. Meta will not stand idly by in the face of these events. Proof, the platform offers Personal Boundary as a way to avoid sexual harassment.

These women are victims of sexual harassment in the metaverse

The metaverse allows you to live in a parallel world. It is a futuristic concept that allows you to create virtual reality and disconnect from reality. By entering this world, each user can interact with other people. Concrete, it is possible to play, work, chat, meet new people and even have coffee with other avatars. Even if it is a virtual world, the interactions in this immersive world are very real.

If we talk about a virtual world like the metaverse, we are likely to think that all the events that took place there are not real. Sexual harassment of an avatar is often seen as something unreal. Here we are very wrong, because even if the harassment happens through a screen, it has real consequences for the victims. Victims of sexual assault (even virtual) may experience fear, frustration and panic.

The effects of real or virtual sexual harassment or assault are the same, especially psychological. This is what Nina Jane Patel, a metaverse beta tester, told us. This woman recounts verbal and sexual harassment of men within the metaverse. She said she really felt like she was experiencing the situation as if it were real life.

However, people’s protections against virtual sexual harassment and real sexual harassment are not the same. While the law is clear on penalties for those who commit actual sexual assault, it remains unclear (or even absent) on virtual sexual harassment. Essentially, these are the terms and conditions and service agreements that protect the user in the virtual world to date.

Virtual sexual harassment and gang rape are no longer cases on the Horizon Worlds platform. Users have reported virtual sexual assaults since launch. To address these issues, Meta has taken steps to protect users. From now on, you can use the Personal Boundary or “personal limit” to protect yourself from sexual harassment.

When activated, Personal Boundary allows avatars to move away from each other. In practice, if an avatar tries to enter the personal space of another, its movements stop when it reaches the limit. There can be no unwanted interaction, because in this part, a distance of one meter separates the avatar from the other.


The Personal Boundary system is not very new. It’s a kind of strengthening function that can get rid of the avatar’s hands when it enters someone else’s personal space. To protect themselves, however, users need to activate it in time. Otherwise, the Personal Boundary may be useless.

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