We Love Green: let’s sing in the rain!

At We Love Green, we already know the song. A melody we’d like not to, however, hum: the unexpected, after a difficult period of pandemic for the performing arts, is definitely wrong. After two blank years, in physical format, due to Covid, including last year an edition was postponed to finally be canceled, here is a new ban, which is feared by attendees of feast: the rain, mud and storm, played with a concert to avoid the continuation of the feast on Saturday, and it was from the end of the afternoon.

Music lovers and the curious, excited to discover on stage Laylow’s inspired rap, Phoenix pop hits or Clara Luciani’s retro flights, will be offered a refund as well as an epic crossing of the Bois de Vincennes, in the middle. in ponds, and bad weather. Fortunately, We Love Green also has bright spots and lots of musical changes. Among them, the shocking soul of Jorja Smith or Gorillaz’s intensified performance on Thursday, led by a Damon Albarn on the big days.

British group Gorillaz led by Damon Albarn to open the eco-responsible music festival We Love Green in Bois de Vincennes, near Paris.SADAKA EDMOND/SIPA

The same enthusiasm on Sundays, with the arrival of poets and talent Arlo Parks or the electric and enthusiastic presence of Juliette Armanet, pops like a fever as it is romantic. His constant piano-sounding universe is adapted here for the stage with updated orchestras and solos that transform the hidden stage into a dance floor.

British singer Arlo Parks on the third and final day of the festival.

British singer Arlo Parks on the third and final day of the festival.SADAKA EDMOND/SIPA

This was followed by a concert by another musical star, the unforgettable Angèle, whose many fans resisted the heavy rain to praise the translator of “Bruxelles je t’aime” or “Je Veux Tes Yeux”. Present from her debut, in 2018, at the Parisian festival, the singer has since had the performances of a pop star, occupying the stage with confidence without making waves. A smooth mark but not very effective for one who successfully continues his tour for the album “Nonante-Cinq”.

But this new edition of We Love Green has above all a rap tone, attesting to an environment as inspired, as the English drill at Central Cee, the romantic pieces of Marseille rapper SCH, or even the brand presence. new French wave with 1pliké140, Ziak o la Fève.

British rapper Central Cee during the third and final day of the music festival.

British rapper Central Cee during the third and final day of the music festival.SADAKA EDMOND/SIPA

Of course, the encounter of the genre is, on Sunday, the PNL concert, the two brothers delivering a dream show, mixing hits – “Au DD”, “Le monde ou rien”, “Until last gram ” – and many words for the public, injecting a very special energy into what was the final major concert of this edition. If we sometimes manage to criticize the rappers of Corbeil-Essonnes for their lack of visual participation, they sign here a long-flying show, playing to the public and to the elements. The more adventurous will join, a few minutes later, the electro house of Disclosure, a band led by the two Lawrence brothers, drawing on garage and dubstep influences.

With an estimated 40,000 festival-goers per day, the event launched twelve years ago proves to be one of the most anticipated musical events as summer approaches. Because beyond the concerts, an ecological commitment is at stake there, especially through think tanks, whose advanced conferences deserve to be located a little further from the main stage, to be more heard. But also eco-responsible innovations that result in better management of materials related to scenography or an improvement in the carbon footprint of this sector, which is naturally energy efficient. We Love Green is already in the process of continuing to write such an original mark in the future.

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