[Top] of the best NFT games in the metaverse

NFT games in the metaverse are gaining traction. But when it comes to choosing the best, choosing can be difficult.

The metaverse, it is virtual world attracting a growing number of users. Some use it to work while others meet there to play. This virtual universe gets a lot of hype even though so many don’t pay attention to it. However, fans of the virtual universe rush to find refuge there, especially after a stressful day at work. In addition, the metaverse allows the creation of virtual properties, which are acquired in various games. With this in mind, we decided to make a list of the best NFT games that play at the metaverse level.


Silks are especially exciting when it comes to NFT games in the metaverse. In fact, it offers players the opportunity to connect with the world horse race perfectly. These are the virtual horses that are structured by NFT.

You just need to have a digital horse to connect it to a real horse in real world races. The silks make sure to pair the characteristic elements of the digital horse with its true counterpart. Also, each virtual horse has the same linear information, progress and track record as its real-world counterpart.

The platform uses a native token called $ STT. Player prizes are paid in $ STT. In this game, if the real horse wins the race, so does its digital twin. Therefore, whoever chooses it will receive a profit.

In addition, NFT-structured digital horses will create additional value in the Silks secondary market. And just like Aliens Worlds, players can form sub-communities where they can interact with similar beliefs.

The Sandbox

Sandbox is a metaverse game where players can create virtual properties, structured in NFTs. They also have the right to buy or sell it according to their availability. The platform is based on ethereum. The metaverse has a native token, the $ SAND where players trade in the Sandbox Marketplace.

What makes this even more interesting is the creation of voxel properties. In effect, VoxEdit allows you to create and customize each player’s virtual assets to give them additional value. The ability of each player is limitless. This way, we can create things like that to sell them within the platform.

However, Sandbox is included in the most popular NFT games in the metaverse because of another brand called EARTH. These NFT tokens represent the most valuable assets of the platform. They constitute a great wealth for those who own them. In April 2022 alone, the platform saw a record $ 8.5 million in land sales.

Heroes of Sidus

Sidus Heroes is an NFT game that offers a space exploration within the metaverse, in addition to combat. The platform is built based on ethereum. In this game, players explore different territories of the SIDUS metaverse that are home to colonized and non-colonized planets.

In addition to exploration, they can retrieve terrestrial NFTs placed on different planets during their search. Prizes thus earned are expressed in SIDUS tokens. Players can also purchase NFTs on the ground with a second token called SENATE. It will then be used to build infrastructure for future use, thus serving as passive income to their owner.

Except for Terrestrial NFTs, Heroes of Sidus also have other types of NFT such as animals, equipment and raw materials. All of these virtual assets are sold on the platform market.

The basic version of the game has simple features like market and leaderboard. The latest version, version 1 has been improved. There are, for example, tournaments as well as a more efficient combat system.

Alien World

Like some NFT games in the metaverse, Alien Worlds is allowed cooperation between players to make exploration of other planets possible. But what makes it interesting is the way it offers a simulation of economic competition.

Basically, the game consists of competition for trilium (TLM). Winning this competition gives players the power to control the competing autonomous organizations that are the DAO planets. But such a win also gives access to more gameplay.

Additionally, players can get NFTs to mine TLM and defeat some opponents to complete quests within the metaverse. Each player is free to choose his own strategy to win. He can, for example, purchase and assemble NFTs that he deems more suitable for his game.

Alien Worlds also offers other wonders such as management CAD planets. To do this, advisors must be selected from among the players in an alliance. The councilors elected will oversee the six DAO planets. Such a strategy makes it possible to influence the direction of the game.


Launched in 2020, Decentraland is one of the most recognizable in the world. Now NFT is pushing its popularity into the universe of NFT games in the metaverse. Within Decantraland, all because structured in NFTland, clothing, and even fashion accessories.

Users of this metaverse will be able to create an independent marketplace where transactions are made through the platform’s native token; $ MANA. Advertising, however, remains the most popular way to make money within the platform. This does not include passive income generated from the exploitation of virtual land.

Dedcentraland is also a platform interactive where players can interact and create sub-communities. In addition to this, players within this metaverse can connect to the platforms social networks.

Gods Without Chains

To end our list of the best NFT games in the metaverse, we chose Gods Without Chains. The game unites a online card collection and game of challenge. In this game, the player will face opponents PVP fights.

Winning fights gets you collectible cards online. These are the cards collected for free structured by NFT. Players can, however, obtain cards by purchasing them on the secondary market.

Fights are the main mission of every player. If you win, you get collectible cards as a reward. With trading cards, players can make a profit. These cards, they can also sell them on the secondary market on the platform against $ GODS, the traditional Gods Unchained tokens.


NFT games in the metaverse abound. From traditional fight and quest games, one can also find new types of games being made. interact with the real world and the virtual world. This is the example of Silks where the performance of real -world horses is directly related to digital horses.

We can also explore the virtual universe thanks to some games like Sidus Heroes, without forgetting the interaction between the players to experience the emotions of the real world.

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