The Stentors sang us their “Ten years of love”

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For a decade, the Stentors shared their love for sound and beautiful songs. They went to Toulouse to present “Ten Years of Love”, their new album.

The repertoire you’ve explored is inexhaustible but how do you approach it for this new album?

Mowgli Laps: We put our own restrictions from album to album to minimize themes and no coverage to go everywhere. That’s why it sometimes pushes us to choose pretty impressive titles that create group specificity and a consistent discography because if we were just a cover group we could easily fall into karaoke. As we have become a group where people interact with a form of message because we have invested in a relatively legacy repertoire. And it is 7e The album is probably more of a hobby compared to the previous one because it marks 10 years of love. It’s the link between the titles but we’re really exploring a lot of different directions both in the style of the orchestral songs that people have known since the beginning and then songs that are closer to our musician, pianist and accordionist. which is always with us like, for example, “Le Premier pas” by Claude-Michel Schönberg.

How do you choose the songs?

Vianney Guyonnet: By choosing the songs we like, those we enjoy singing, so love songs, but also those that have a story, those that fall on the film’s music register, a little epic and lyrical. And then there are also good surprises in songs like “L’Auvergnat” lyrics songs that we never believed in the beginning and after giving it something pretty grandiose.

Mathieu Sempere: On this album there are about fifteen titles and each one has a specific reason to be there. The foundation was the love received from our listeners and we wanted to bring it back through a song like “I’m going to love you” which was also an appointment by Michel Sardou that helped us a the beginning of our career.

Is it a spirit of positive nostalgia that motivates you while exploring this heritage?

MS: Yes maybe a positive nostalgia actually, that’s to say we want to hear some titles again and we want to re-translate them, to recreate them, to give them a second life. ..

ML: … To give them modernity because in general these are titles that are so beautiful that they are not old yet.

Si MS : We interpret it differently, we have characteristic sounds, which means that this basic lyrical part already gives them a different color. We are three and have three different sounds so the stamps, the harmonics created lead to an idea of ​​the fun of the title. So there are covers of Edith Piaf, Michel Sardou, Michel Polnareff, Johnny on the album but also creative titles for the first time.

Apparently you enjoy writing for in and out of Stentors adventure …

GV: For me, it was the beginning of everything at the age of 17. I wanted to be a songwriter but I took opera singing lessons and I got into.I was in opera for ten years then I met the Stentors and there I went back to song. So now I’m back to writing and composing like I’m 20 and my first album should be released soon.

MS: It is next that allows us, when we find ourselves, to be fully in it and with the joy of doing something different. There was no fatigue as we ate on the side, sang on the side. And when we find ourselves on Stentors it’s our story with friends, we work together, there’s no pressure and on stage it’s a joy.

How do you view the success of TV movies dedicated to sound?

ML: It is a paradox in a different era where there are many devices that allow everyone to sing that we often hear on the radio and at the same time programs that also emphasize the quality nature of human voices. So I don’t know if these are antagonistic forces created to cancel out each other, but it’s interesting because they’re so different. In any case, the Stentors are clearly working on vocality camp and this unique instrument that is the voice. That doesn’t stop us from loving modern things where sound is disturbed, but that’s not what we’re defending.

Album “Ten years of love” by the Stentors (WAOU Productions and WAOU Studio).

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