The shocking X-Men Love Affair Proves That There Is No Man

Warning: Spoilers for Marvel Sounds: Iceman Infinity Comic #1

wonders Not human almost nothing to see since 2018 Death of Inhumansbut an Inhuman surprise reappeared in the pages Marvel Sounds: Iceman Infinity Comic #1, finally proves that there are still other Inhumans around Black Bolt. The last panel of Voices of Wonder: Iceman shows Romeo, the young Bobby Drake’s first boyfriend, returns to the pages of Marvel Comics and saves Iceman from certain death.

Romeo was introduced in 2016 female spider #10 as a teenager recently transformed into an Inhuman after being exposed to the Terrigen Cloud released by Black Bolt, gives him powerful empathy powers. After joining the Inhuman Royal Diplomatic Mission, he later meets Iceman on a mission where they clearly feel attracted to each other and cunningly left his phone number with Bobby.

To be clear, this Bobby Drake is the time-displaced Iceman from the past, so Iceman and Romeo were the same age when they started dating, even if their relationship didn’t last long after the devastating war with Inhumans / X-Men. Marvel Sounds: Iceman Infinity Comic #1 – written and illustrated by the famous Luciano Vecchio – is the first The Voices of Wonder Infinity Comic and a 4-issue limited series that gives Iceman a unique new superhero costume and symbol, and dives deep into the ongoing shaping of Bobby’s identity in his sexuality. . Later in the issue, Iceman teamed up with his former teammate Firestar to help with evacuation and rescue efforts after a natural disaster, and while rescuing people from a collapsed building. , he had no part of the wall, which hit him and threw him. into the water while blocking his flesh with ice which usually protects him from harm. As Bobby begins to drown, he is suddenly grabbed by the arm, revealing that Romeo, is very much alive and plan older than the last time he was seen in Marvel Comics.

While Inhumans has been around Marvel since the ’60s, they had a huge resurgence in the early 2010s after Marvel walked away from making X-Men content because it didn’t own the rights to the film, but after recovering these film rights and after failure. Not human The TV movie, Marvel decided to reduce the role of Inhumans in the Marvel Universe. The 2018 Death of Inhumans The series is made in response to this effort and it shows many Inhumans in the world taken over by the evil Vox, which sadly leads to Black Bolt using his power to kill almost all Inhumans individually except the family. scattered throughout the Earth. The only Inhumans seen since then are Black Bolt and the others The Darkhold Saga, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see Romeo return, especially if you’re a fan of Inhumans. Romeo and Bobby have always been a wonderful couple, and now that the adult Iceman has memories of young Bobby, he again remembers going out with Romeo. Earlier in the issue, Iceman apparently commented that Romeo must have been another teenager running around the world, but from Romeo’s character plot, it looks like he’s a bit old, that he’s almost of age. of Bobby, which means he could be Bobby’s new interest. . interest.

Bobby Drake said earlier in the issue that he was looking for old love, and whether Romeo somehow traveled back in time or did something else to make him physically and emotionally fit. The ice cream man age, this could be not only a compelling LGBTQ+ love story, but also the start of a fun new way for Marvel Comics to slowly return the Inhumans to the barn.

Marvel Sounds: Iceman Infinity Comic #1 now available on Marvel Unlimited.

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