Plus belle la vie (spoilers): Kevin and Camille’s relationship was unexpected

On June 6 on Plus belle la vie (France 3, 8:20 pm), Camille moves in with the Belestas, Kilian loses her leg and Tim interferes between Abdel and Barbara …

In the episode of Better life from Monday, June 6, 2022, the director of Camille’s house (Lisa Cipriani) sees Kevin (Théo Bertrand) leave his room and kicks him out of the establishment. Homeless, Camille asks Emma (Pauline Bression) to put her down. The young woman agrees to leave the keys to her house with her sister, but the situation is not suitable for Baptiste (Bryan Trésor). Now that he has found balance with Emma and Mathi, he really doesn’t want to take his wife’s younger sister. Tired, Kevin goes home and his mother announces that he is in a relationship with Camille. She asks him to stay with her until he finds an apartment with her. Laëtitia (Caroline Riou), who finds the young woman a bit special, finds the company a bit rushed, but Kevin disagrees. After their experience in Croatia, he felt he was ready to live with Camille. Later, Kevin met Camille again. The latter felt guilty for bothering him with his problems, but Kevin didn’t care. He tells her that Laëtitia has agreed to let him live with them. Touched, Camille confessed her feelings to him and settled down with the Belestas. There, he quickly approached Laëtitia.

Despite the restraining order ordered against him, Kilian (Tim Rousseau) returns to Scotto to see Betty (Horya Benabet), who is back in high school. Noé (Florian Lesieur) advises him to go home, but the teenager doesn’t want to hear it and sends him to pack. Very angry, without charge he challenged the two men he met on the road, who beat him and threw him to the ground. On the way to Leila’s, Nisma (Ella Philippe) finds Kilian, injured. She urges him to follow her home so that she can be treated …

Tim intervenes between Abdel and Barbara

Abdel (Marwan Berreni) He was stunned when he found out that Elisa, the woman he had been looking for for a long time, was a lawyer for BTC, the opposing party. Far from outraged, the young lawyer stated that his client, Tim, was the victim of a murder attempt. He admitted that he grabbed the SD card with the embedded images filmed by the journalist and tried it for money. In fact, he prefers good settlement to trial. After the date, Elisa followed Abdel to the elevator. The young man took the opportunity to ask her why she hadn’t called him anymore, but the lawyer avoided the question and kissed her.

The following Monday, Abdel informs Tim and Barbara (Léa François) of the strategy being used against BTC. With no evidence against the company, he convinced them that he had pictures taken of the site. However, this is not the case. Tim offers to go back to the workplace to find out what the BTC was trying to hide, but Abdel tries to tell him out of it. He said the company had to tighten security and Tim would be surprised. Against the advice of the lawyer, the reporter decided to go to the construction site. He asks Barbara for help, but he is reluctant to act against Abdel’s advice. Tim asks her to choose between him and his friend …

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2/12 –

Marwan Berreni

© France 3

3/12 –

Marwan Berreni and Lea Francois
Will Barbara betray Abdel for Tim?

© France 3

4/12 –

Horya Benabet
Betty returned to Scotto.

© France 3

5/12 –

Horya Benabet

© France 3

6/12 –

Lisa Cipriani
Camille moved in with Kevin.

© France 3

7/12 –

Elisa (Most beautiful life)
Abdel finally finds Elisa.

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8/12 –

Theo Bertrand
Kevin asks Laëtitia to host Camille.


9/12 –

Tim Rousseau


10/12 –

Laurent Kerusoré, Rebecca Hampton and Joakim Latzko
Laurent Kerusoré, Rebecca Hampton and Joakim Latzko


11/12 –

Better life
“Plus belle la vie” is broadcast daily from Monday to Friday in France 3.

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12/12 –

Tim Rousseau
Kilian was beaten on the road.

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