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As revealed in this article by Shûkan Josei PRIME relayed by Yahoo! News in Japan, the former leader of aspiration pneumonia died last year after battling the disease for several years. The family would have just wanted to mourn the strictest privacy; relatives and “the people who take care of him“in his later years was hidden. Born on May 16, 1943 in Osaka Prefecture, Yukawa was 78 years old.

Following in the footsteps of the mythical Segata Sanshiro from the time of Saturn, Yukawa became famous by climbing the plate itself for what was already SEGA’s last operation. This year 1998, the leader of CSK, the holding to hold a good share of SEGA until the turn of the 2000s, found itself in the spotlight to secure the promotion of the Dreamcast, and to clean up Sony’s ridicule after the success of the PlayStation. A personal investment considered convincing the Japanese public that his face would adorn the first machine copies sold on the land of the Rising Sun. A Dreamcast that he himself will distribute on the day of release throughout Akihabara, the electronic district, as not to fail to remind our national Gregwhich was on the scene on November 27, 1998.

Yukawa Senmu’s character will next be seen in other campaigns, especially to apologize for consoles breaks that occur in the weeks of launch, following manufacturing concerns. This long-running promotion will be noticed by Japanese advertisers, despite winning the excellence award at the 38th edition of the ACC All Japan CM Festival, which rewards professionals in the sector. We also see the leader in a parody game for his Dreamcast glory, Yukawa Motosenmu no Otakara Sagashia treasure hunt game to find ancient SEGA-related relics, not to mention Sonic Adventure displays via mini-games, or a QTE-based chase of What is Shen Mue?the promotional GD-ROM aimed at raising awareness of what was the most expensive production in video game history at the time.

The love story between SEGA and Yukawa Senmu began in 1968, when the interested party met Isao Ôkawa, another name inseparable from the brand, quickly attracted by his profile and his personality. Yukawa will leave the economics faculty at Momoyama Gakuin University to join Computer Service, which later became CSK, before being seconded to SEGA several times throughout its history. He was thus appointed senior general manager and deputy general manager of SEGA’s Consumer Businesses division in 1998, the year the Dreamcast was released.

Before translating his own role, the director has already shown various promotional areas for the company’s needs, such as this ad dedicated to Robopicher, or this other area that presents assisted drawing software via the interposed console, the TV Oekaki’s SG -1000 and Sega Mark III. An experience that is undoubtedly valuable when going back to cameras many years ago.

The mixed reactions of surprise and amazement did not fail when the article was published. “Mr. Yukawa died? I don’t know. I pray for the rest of his soul. I was treated by Mr. Yukawa is good in many ways and it reminds methus states Yûji Naka, which is also working to popularize 128-bit on SEGA by working on two of its emblematic games, Sonic Adventure and Phantasy Star Online. Naka added that he attended the funeral last month. Interpreter of Sonic since 1998 and the release of the Dreamcast episode, Jun’ichi Kanemaru was also surprised to learn of this death too late when expressing his condolences.

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